5 Star Doctor

 Essay upon 5 Celebrity Doctor


a few star doctor.

My personal watch about my own role, function and obligation as a medical doctor is to be a great and better doctor.

What is the meaning of your good doctor? This problem is be based upon the meaning in the word 'good'. In Oxford Dictionary susprisingly devotes an entire page within this word. Therefore 'good' means; among other things are, having the correct qualities, commendable, morally excellent, virtuous, kind and charitable, agreeable, amiable, reliable, soundless of reasoning and practical wisdom.

For me personally a good doctor should have the ideal qualities such as knowledge, emphathy and viewpoint.

First a great doctor should be knowledgeable and should always keep up to date with development in her discipline of expertise. The lady should be a skillful diagnostician. A great doctor will need to neither under prescribe or over prescribe medicine to her individual as to make her personal profit.

Second, a good doctor should offers high Mental Quotient or EQ. Gowns mean to become doctor who warmer personality, be a better listener and communicator beside emphathetic in communication patterns to restore a good of peaceful and self-confidence to the individual and make them feel that the doctor is for these people.

Third, a fantastic doctor should also be a good philosopher. Therefore, the doctor will need to treat the patients within a holistic approach. The holistic way of dealing with patient is by treat the patient as a whole person instead just physical symptoms which is to suggest the patient issues diet, excersice and stress management instead of just supply the patient their particular medicine.

Fourth, an excellent doctor should certainly able to be an individual who is clear and logical in thinking, work together with sincere center, have qualified with hands for the surgery and easy to reach in case of emergency. Your doctor would be humble and confident enough to collaborate with other doctors or elderly doctors in medical community to deal with an illness which will she is not uncertain about, in order to provide the best practices in management and...

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