Activities of Daily Living a couple of

 Activities of Daily Living two Essay


ADL is a approach to describe the functional position of a person. A tool helpful for assessing the elderly, the psychologically ill, those with chronic disorders and others.

Angela Caruana

The model of living is a very complex happening 5 main components (concepts) Activities of daily living – 12 Lifespan from getting pregnant to fatality Dependence/independence procession Factors affecting ADLs Individualities in living

What does ‘everyday living' involves? living' Eating, drinking, sleeping, working, playing.... Not aware to perform them breathing communication They are closely related


12 Activities of Daily Living

Preserving a safe environment Communication Inhaling and exhaling Eating and Drinking Reduction Personal purifying and shower Controlling body temperature Mobilising Doing work and playing Expressing libido Sleeping Dying

Instrumental ADLs

This includes activities not necessary pertaining to fundamental operating, but still very useful in community, mostly seemed by work-related therapists when completing checks. Cooking, searching, housework, economical management...

Retaining a safe environment

Many actions are performed with this kind of purpose and almost carried out with no conscious effect. Keeping medicine out of reach of children Non-slipping rugs in bath/shower non-using devices appropriately



Individuals are essentially social creatures. Communication consists of verbal and nonnonverbal. Social intervention Relationships


Initially activity of a new born baby Activity is usually an effortless activity unless there are abnormal situations ADLs are entirely determined by breathing


Baby manage to suck and swallow to get nutrients for survival and growth Influenced by simply sociocultural elements


Poop elimination Urinary elimination Viewed as a highly non-public activity

a few

Personal Detoxification and Dress up

Appearance Sanitation of physique...

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