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 List down Market domains where Data warehousing technologies have already been deployed? installment payments on your       List and define the OLAP businesses.

3.   What are the info integration issues and how to cater them?

Advertising campaign


-  DW Overview�


--------Back-end Equipment

-  Intro to OLAP

--------Codd's 12 Rules�


-  MD Data Structures�

-  OLAP Server�

-  OLAP Operations�

-  OLAP Architectures

--------MOLAP:  Part I

--------MOLAP:  Part II

--------ROLAP:  Part I

--------ROLAP:  Part II�



-  Data Explosion�

-  OLAP Criteria�

-  Glossary

-  References

OLAP Businesses

One of the most convincing front-end applications for OLAP is a PERSONAL COMPUTER spreadsheet software. Below is the list of several popular operations that are supported by the multidimensional spreadsheet applications. Roll-up

Will take the current aggregation level of simple fact values and does a further crowd on one or more of the proportions. Equivalent to performing GROUP SIMPLY BY to this aspect by using credit hierarchy. Lessens a number of proportions - gets rid of row headers.

SELECT [attribute list], SUM [attribute names]

COMING FROM [table list]

WHERE [condition list]

GROUP BY [grouping list];


Opposite of roll-up.

Summarizes data at a lower level of a dimension hierarchy, thereby observing data towards a more specialized level within a sizing. Increases a number of dimensions -- adds new headers


Performs a range on one aspect of the given cube, causing a sub-cube. Reduces the dimensionality of the cube.

Sets one or more dimensions to specific values and keeps a subset of dimensions intended for selected ideals. Dice

Establish a sub-cube by performing a selection of one or more dimensions. Refers to range choose condition on a single dimension, as well as to select state on several dimension. Decreases the number of affiliate values of one or more sizes.

Pivot (or rotate)...

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