Intimidation is a Growing Problem

 Essay about Bullying is a Growing Problem

п»їLucas Walker

Mentor Jason Darkish

English 111


Intimidation Is A Developing Problem Which includes Lasting Benefits

" Intimidation is defined as " intentionally aggressive, usually repeated” verbal, sociable, or physical habit aimed at a particular person or perhaps group of people” (Nobullying. com). Everybody has a definite memory of any time, both in both school or outside of institution, that they were bullied or made fun of. Some individuals take that as a joke because 2 weeks . rare event but it even now hurts their feelings. Other people are constantly bullied and it starts to wear them down and it is a thing they specify themselves by. Bullying has its own lasting, life altering effects and needs to be ended before that grows into a larger issue.

Bullying usually starts off at a young age and in school. 1 effect of intimidation is it is lowering college students learning ability. Students are able to go to school and focus on what they are delivered there for…to learn. Intimidation makes the job of learning and retaining information very difficult. " Universities with excessive levels of reported bullying had lower moving rates — by typically 3 to 6 percent around tests — when compared with universities with less reported bullying” (St. George, 1). Intimidation does not simply occur in sessions though and this problem needs to be a school vast awareness because bullying can occur in the hallways, in the bathroom, or inside the cafeteria, among several spots. Teachers and parents also have to be aware of the within cyber bullying because it is quite a bit less easily viewed as direct bullying. We expect our children to accomplish well in college and go on their education and become successful adults yet by not addressing the situation of intimidation in school we are damaging their changes in succeeding. Parents must also be aware to if their kid is the one particular doing the bullying at school. Often children that ansto? have an actual problem in which they take out about others another problem is that it can often be a discovered behavior from your home....

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