Case study of BOOST juice bar

 Case study of BOOST drink bar Composition

325-104Principles of MarketingCase AnalysisofBoost Juice BarsTABLE OF CONTENTS1. Table of Contents 22. Executive Synopsis 33. Review of The Improve Juice forty-four. The Exterior Environment and recommendation 4-65. Product and recommendation 6-86. Promotion and recommendation 8-107. Place and recommendation 10-128. Price 12-149. Conclusions 1410. References 15-16Executive SummaryBoost drink Bars have been completely a growing achievement since they opened up in 2150. Although there are other competitors, Increase manages to stay in front by augmenting and increasing their products. They segment and choose marketplace to achieve most beneficial advertising and maximise product sales. Boost Juice is a comfort good, presently in the maturity phase with the product life circuit with solid brand equity and company loyalty. They differentiate in augmented level with its well known brand, glowing packaging and convenience. The promotion accomplishes strong recognition by changing with sociable trends, creating a colourful, engaging environment and successful advertisments. Boost has become expanding not only in Australia yet also overseas. Their retailers are small , colourful and strategically located in high foot traffic areas. Now they distribute their particular goods in supermarkets in addition to the stores. Since boost drink is in maturity phase of PLC can be has chosen a steadiness pricing goal.

OVERVIEW OF INCREASE JUICEBoost Drink, offers healthy, fast drinks in Australia and was established in 2000. Boost Juice is definitely the fastest growing fruit juice club in the the southern area of hemisphere, founded by Janine Allis in Adelaide (Wren, 2005). Increase Juice is growing rapidly since an amazing price tag case, turning over $90mill a year with over 3 thousands staff members (Light, 2006) broadening from the initial founding drink bar in Adelaide in 2000 to 200 shops world wide.

There are ranges of great tasting juices or smoothies sold by simply Boost that provides healthy convenience and the enhancement of various goods also enhances the satisfaction from the consumers' demands from distinct groups.

THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTVarious juice pubs are appearing all around the market and Increase faces numerous competitors such as Bubble Cup, Tropicana drink, Minute Cleaning service juice and Sunny Pleasure. Some of them might own similar recipes and ways to produce their products.

Like a competitor, Tropicana Juice tavern provides a mix of special ingredients, which offers consumers a " natural high" and also a fair price (Katsudon, 2007).

The rand name Bubble Glass is not as healthy because other fresh natural drink bars several retail stores are present, it is quite popular amonst the young people due to the cheap price and various tastes.

Boost Juice implements demographic, psychographic and behavioural factors as a basis to select their target market. Individuals that prefer to have quick, clean and nourishing juices while using highest quality and no added artificiality will consider Boost like a favourable brandOn the other hand, Boost Drink is be subject to seasonal restrictions. Sales can decline during colder seasons, with other opponents who provide hot drinks dominating industry. In order to counteract some limitations and boost their organization, Viva Drink has been acquired by Improve Juice in 2004, using more than 20 retailers being included with the company's price tag network through acquisition. Furthermore, " Increase has recently created the drink drink manufacturing industry simply by launching a single litre and 350ml bottled products in to Woolworths and Coles" (Janie Allies, 2005), a strategy increasing extra industry shares from the other competitors.

Therefore , as a response to external environmental competition, Enhance Juice constantly develops product variations in order to achieve greater market transmission, aiming to create a high quality services with their amazing and complete energy goods. This creates and fortifies Boost Drink as a dependable brand among the list of market opponents.

RecommendationsIn addition to fruit juices and smoothies, increase can make an effort to...

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