Chp. 8 Summarize

 Chp. eight Outline Composition


1) Forecasting- the predicting foreseeable future events

-important bc that drives all the other business decisions (forecasting drives the plan, program is made because of forecast)

-poor forecasting can lead to loss of sales of boost costs. Keep company unsuspecting

forecasting is usually an ongoing procedure that is often changing because new info and info become available.

2) Planning- picking actions in anticipation to get the prediction.

1)scheduling existing resources- use resources in the most effective way possible 2)determining future useful resource needs- find what assets are going to be necessary 3)acquiring new resources- generate advanced programs to acquire new resources

Confusion among forecasting and planning- 3) demand managing (process of influencing demand)- companies have an impact in demand (i. e advertising, ads, cutting prices)

Demand managing cannot happen without forecasting first. After that planning, after that demand administration.

-=Impact on org.

Ideas at all amount organization, from your strategic level where long-range plans are created, to the tactical where daily scheduling is done, are based on foretelling of. Also, forecasting drives the decisions of every organizational function.

-=Impact upon SCM

The forecast of demand is important not only to the organization but to the complete supply cycle, as it impacts all the programs made by each company in the chain. The moment members of the supply chain make all their forecasts 3rd party of one one more, they are simply looking at the demand of their instant buyer not the final customer in the chain. The effects are a mismatch between supply and require because each member oft he chain is usually working to fufill a different standard of demand.

Can cause bullwhip effect

-==Principles of Forecasting-==

1) Forecasts hardly ever perfect. A perfect forecast is rare and there is too many factors in the business environment that can not be predicted with certainty. Forecasters know that expense always be ideal and there will be error. Yet it's nonetheless good to obtain somewhat of an idea rather than not understand anything at all.

2) Forecasts will be more accurate to get groups than for individual items. When goods are Grouped together, such as in product teams or groups of items, all their individual high and low values end each other away. The data for a group of things can be secure even when individual items in the group will be unstable.

3) Forecasts are definitely more accurate to get shorter than longer period horizons. -Data does not transform much in the short run. As the time raises, however , there is also a much greater probability that changes in established habits and relation- ships is going to occur. Much longer time horizon= greater doubt.

=-Steps in the Forecasting process-=

1)decide what you should forecast-

2)Analyze ideal data- figuring out patterns and present info.

-level/ horizontal- simple. Encompases a constant indicate

-trend- lessening or elevating pattern overtime, however,

-seasonality- on a regular basis repeating pattern

-cycles- economic fluctuations (recessions)

3)select foretelling of model- when data patterns are found now it is time to choose forecasting unit. 4)Generate Forecasts-

5)Monitor forecast accuracy- after incidents have occurred it is crucial to evaluate performance by looking in forecasts errors. Helps boost forecasting.

-=Factors in method selection-=

-Amount and type of readily available data. Several forecasting strategies require different types and volumes of data.

-Degree of accuracy required. costly to develop. The cost of the foretelling of -method need to justify the value of the forecast.

-Length of forecast distance. Some predicting methods are better suited to short- -term forecasts, while others are better suited for long term. -Patterns in data. Selecting proper method for routine.


** Qualitative forecasting methods (judgmental methods)- based on very subjective opinions...

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