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Claire Jackson DBQ

How Democratic Was Toby Jackson?


Background is not restricted to

Jackson's existence. How did the

first 6 Presidents utilize

Usa president Power?

Focus on each Leader

with respect to all their

approach to work and

the decisions they made

when in office.

Mr. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Toby Jackson DBQ







Jackson is the winner the

Obama administration.

1) What exactly





2) Futhermore

democratic, a

Presidential Votante

chosen simply by " L" or by simply

" P"? Explain.


loses following

House of

Reps determines

in favor of


Mr. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Jackson leaves

the Presidency

3) According for this

chart, was your

method of electing a

director becoming

more democratic

during the Jackson

years? What is the


Andrew Jackson DBQ

1) What is

Jackson's judgment

on who have should be

permitted to vote in

the Territory of

California in 1822?

2) Is a

democratic point of


1) According to

Bailey and

Kennedy, was

America turning out to be

more democratic in

1828, the year

Jackson was first

elected president?

2) What is Bailey

and Kennedy's


Mister. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Andrew Knutson DBQ

1) According to

historian Robert

Remini, what three

plans does

Knutson make

relating to a) the

Electoral College or university, b)

the length of term,

and c) the election

people senators?

2)Is this facts

that Andrew

Jackson was


1) Does the

cartoonist view

Toby Jackson

was democratic?

2) What specifics

does the cartoonist

include to generate his


Mr. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Andrew Jackson DBQ

1) What is

Jackson's basic

opinion about the

national traditional bank?

2) Exactly what two of

Jackson's specific

criticisms of the


3) Is definitely Jackson's

location on the

nationwide bank

democratic or


1) What does US

Senator Daniel

Webster think about

Jackson's bank


2) Does Webster

believe Jackson's

traditional bank veto can be

democratic? For what reason?

Mr. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Andrew Jackson DBQ

1) Intended for how long

does Jackson

believe that an

equiped official

should hold that


2) Why does

Knutson feel it truly is

good to limit the

terms of

government office


3) Is this a



1) Who was Samuel


2) What did

Swartout do?

3) Does the

Swartwout case

improve or

weaken Jackson's

debate on

spinning official

meetings to

government office?


Mr. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Claire Jackson DBQ

1) What proposal

really does Jackson generate

regarding the

Choctaw, Cherokee,

and Creek Indians?

2) What is

Jackson's explanation

for helping

Indian Removing?

3) Can be Jackson's



1) List 3

reasons why the

Cherokee experience

Jackson's procedures

are undemocratic?

Mr. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Toby Jackson DBQ

1) So what happened

to the Choctaw,

Cherokee, and

Creek persons in the

1830s and forties?

1) Who was


2) How democratic

was Knutson in his

overall relations

with Native

People in the usa.

Mr. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Toby Jackson DBQ

1) When and below

what condition did

Jackson make this

drafted appeal?

2) Does this appeal

provide proof

that Jackson was

democratic in his

consider for black


1) How various slaves

did Jackson individual

during the years of

his presidency?

2) Can easily a man end up being

both a slave holder

and a supporter of


Mr. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Andrew Knutson DBQ

Mister. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Andrew Jackson DBQ

Mister. Gurczeski's " Model" Notes

Andrew Jackson DBQ

How Democratic was Andrew Knutson?

Andrew Jackson DBQ FCAs (150 Point Total Assignment)

In-Class FCAs

1) Provide a strong starting, clearly and originally explained thesis, and a specific map. (10 Points) 2) Amount and highlight at least 6 recommendations to the paperwork in the Toby Jackson DBQ to support the thesis...

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