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Successful Display Skills


S U C C E H S S i9000 U C C E S T

Successful Presentation Skills

Third edition

Andrew Bradbury

Birmingham and Phila.

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1 . Where do you wish to go? Do you require this book? 1; Presentations will be about connection 2; The seven basic steps 3 2 . two, 4, six, 8 – how do you talk? It's not really what you say 4; It's the method that you declare it six; I'm really pleased to end up being here – maybe 6 3. At the time you feel the fear… Panic now – and avoid the rush 9; Your ‘performing edge' 13; Winning methods 14; It should be seen to become believed 17; Pictures and pictures 18 4. Confidence matters You're hardly ever alone in a presentation – it just is like that twenty; That certain look 23; Ready, willing and able 25; A sense of point of view 25; The look, the feel, requirements 26; Palm signals must be observed 26; Turning theory into practice 27; Tips on how to create self-confidence 29



on the lookout for


vi в– Articles

5. The main objective Is really required? 33; And the point is? 34; Hold that believed 35; Excellent dream 36; Roll up, roll up! 37; No problem too wonderful 38; At this point hear this 39; Cutting your cloth 40 six. Know the audience Putting the customer initial 42; Is going to they hear what you mean? 43; Hazy and specific language forty five; Four learning styles forty seven; Audiences possess feelings, too 49 7. Words, words, words Higher than a licence to talk 51; The sweet HUG of achievement 52; About confronting a blank sheet of paper 55; Creating a structure 57; Each of the truth gowns fit to present 58; Think ahead – plan ahead fifty eight; Script, remarks or "cue" cards? fifty nine 8. As you come to the end – stop The into as well as the outro 63; What was all this about? 63; Closing remarks 64; Know when to quit 66; Be mindful the reddish light 69 9. Drape up! On your own marks, get set … 71; As soon as you walk in the joint… 72; Maps and shoehorns 77; Establishing a feelings 79; Creating motivation 79; Establishing believability 80; Are batteries included? 81; Making and breaking expectations 81; Providing a construction 81; Moments and events 82; Under no circumstances say not! 83 15. Selecting and using visible aids Simply for effect? 84; Horses to get courses 85







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14. Designing effective...

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