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Spring 2015

TuTh a few: 00 – 6: 20 p. m.

Peterson Area 103

Trainer: Brandon Reynante, P. Elizabeth.

Office: 6405 Qualcomm Institute (Atkinson Hall)

Email: [email protected] ucsd. edu

Office Several hours: By scheduled appointment

Teaching Assistant: Caitlyn Rio Smith

Workplace: 6405 Qualcomm Institute (Atkinson Hall)

Email: [email protected] com

Office Hours: By session

Course website: TED


This course is usually an introduction to human-centered design, team anatomist, and conversation within a humanitarian education engineering framework. It includes a group project when you and your classmates will be asked to design and present a solution to a difficulty experienced with a local or global nonprofit organization and also the community this serves. These will be true problems knowledgeable by real persons, who happen to be counting on you to design contextappropriate, affordable, and sustainable solutions. The study course relies heavily on experiential and project-based learning, and are going to strive to reflect on the things we do. Course Targets:

By efficiently completing this program, students can: 1 . Identify the difficulties inherent in working in teams to engage clientele and neighborhoods as part of a humanitarian executive project.

2 . Describe and apply the human-centered design process.

a few. Demonstrate fundamental skills in: contextual being attentive; needs and capacities examination; stakeholder evaluation; identifying, formulating, and creating a solution to an engineering and technology trouble; documenting operate a professional notebook; writing professional reports; and making professional presentations.

4. Identify humanitarian engineering ethics criteria and be able to develop a values-driven, realistic, and cogent respond to an honest dilemma.

a few. Describe examples of diverse man experiences and be able to identify buildings and techniques that lead to inequity and injustice, particularly because they pertain to humanitarian architectural projects. 6....

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