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The meaning of life is in the philosophical and faith based conceptions of existence, interpersonal ties, mind, and happiness, and edges on a great many other issues, such as symbolic meaning, value, goal, ethics, good and nasty, existence of 1 or multiple Gods, ideas of God, the spirit, and the what bodes. Relating to religion, life ways to know and understand the unknown of The almighty; to like and glorify God simply by enjoying Him forever, always be at the heart from the Divine; to have a pure heart and understand oneself, other folks and the is going to of heaven.


In hinduism, life's meanings are defined several goals (aims) of human being life that happen to be called the four purusharthas. The 4 purusharthas are: Dharma, Artha, Kāma and Moksha.

In Sanskrit, ‘Dharma' means one's future or goal. In general, this refers to a person's vocation or career. Dharma also means righteousness, duty-conscious, staying virtual, living morally and ethically constantly.

Artha is wealth, wealth, cash or achievement in worldly pursuits. In addition to leading a positive life that meets particular social and personal obligations, a Hindu will need to strive for success, in any presented activity through lawful means within the range of dharma.

Kama means the physical, mental, and intellectual desires of the person. As stated in bhagavad gita, " he whom performs his prescribed tasks out of desire in the right method will have the fulfilment of all the desires and reach the deathless state”.

Moksha, the ultimate end of every Hindu's life, may be understood in lots of ways: liberation from rebirth, enlightenment, Self-realization, or perhaps union with God. This is considered to be the greatest purpose of your life. A person who prevails over desires and therefore gains enlightenment can achieve moksha.

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