First Communion Toast

 First Communion Toast Composition

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a actual pleasure to acquire you every here to talk about and celebrate in this very important occasion of her life, the FHC of our darling Anishka D' Souza. I believe privileged to be the uncle on this lively and smart child Anishka. Anishka has waited a long time just for this day. Today is 1 day Anishka is going to cherish and remember for the rest of her life. This can be a day whenever we all commemorate Anishka's commitment to our Catholic Faith in the presence of people who attention most about her. And so let us congratulate Anishka with this very big day, when this lady has received each of our Lord initially in communion and let us wish her all happiness in her Catholic existence from this time forward. Ladies and gentlemen, please go up and increase your eyeglasses to join us in toasting to Anishka.

Dear Anishka, above the bottom of the minds of all whom are present in this article and those who have could not produce it and the ones who aren't here to create it, especially your overdue abba Oswald, Aunty Rosemarie, Uncle Arun who will be joining this graceful occasion and sending their benefits upon you from bliss: For Your Initial Holy Communion, dear Anishka

May God grant actually,

A sunbeam to warm you

A moonbeam to charm you

A sheltering angel thus nothing can harm you

Laughter to cheer you on

Faithful close friends to surround you

loving parents to protect you

And when you pray, Heavens listen to you.

We love you, Anishka! God bless you mightily.

A whole " new world " unfolds before you from this day in. Let the hope in your cardiovascular system, always be your best guide. Congratulations for the most almost holy of new origins

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