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Proyecto: El árbol familiar

In this project you're going to be creating a family tree and presenting it in Spanish. Your family tree may be presented in one of many distinct forms: on poster table or data paper, in a book, or in a Power Level presentation.

The written data is element of your tough draft. Most info you present orally should be memorized. Your family tree must include at least 5 people. Include a picture showing how each person can be related. Do not forget yourself! For every person you should include the subsequent information: 1 ) a picture (it can be a real photo, pulling, or cut art)

installment payments on your a sentence describing the way they are associated with you (Ex. Betty sera mi abuela. ) a few. a phrase saying their current address (Ex. Ella vive sobre Boston. ) 4. a sentence talking about the relative's physical appearance or perhaps personality using at least two adjectives (Ex. Mi abuela sera cómica con tiene vello blanco. )

5. a sentence explaining something anyone likes or perhaps dislikes to accomplish (Ex. A ella votre gusta cocinar). 6. a sentence telling when is their birthdate.

If you do not have five family members to discuss or avoid want to create the family tree of your own family members, you may use a famous family members. Possible good examples are: The Cosbys, The Simpsons, etc . **Notes:

You might include more than 5 persons on your genealogy, but only need to write about 5 of them. Please choose simply living family members to write about. We have not learned yesteryear tense, which will would be accustomed to write about any kind of relatives who have passed away.

In this activity, pets do not count number as loved ones!

You may write about more than five people for extra credit with this project. You'll be presenting this kind of project on your group and may receive points for your display in Spanish. On the back side of this form, I use provided a place for you to create rough breezes of your sentences which I will certainly check for appropriate grammar and spelling.

Crafted Rough Draft Due: Thursday, February 20, 2014

This project is due on:


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