Governmental Economical Reporting

 Governmental Economical Reporting Composition

Governmental Financial


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Revealing Basics

Fund Accounting

Government-wide Financial Claims

Summary and Conclusion






Purpose of Monetary Reporting

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Attributes of Governmental Entities

Effects of Characteristics upon Financial

Credit reporting

Purpose of Economic Reporting

• Private sector

– For-profit entities—provide details for

making investment and credit decisions

– Not-for-profit entities—provide data for

making resource share decisions

Reason for Financial Revealing

• Public sector—governmental choices

– Give information to evaluate accountability

• Fiscal responsibility

– Complied with the finances and implicit legal and

managerial limitations

– Immediate focus; means that we need to distinct total methods into specific funds

• Operational answerability

– Effective and effecient use of resources

– Capacity to continue to present services

– Longer-term focus; implies requirement of information

regarding the overall government entity

Generally Accepted Accounting


• What are they?

• Exactly where do they come from?

– Private for-profit and not-for-profit entities

• Financial Accounting Standards Table

– Point out and local government authorities

• Governmental Accounting Criteria Board

– Federal government

• Federal Accounting Standards Prediction Board

Characteristics of Government


• Exist for any purpose apart from to make a


• No ownership hobbies

• Useful resource providers no longer expect a

proportionate profit

Effects of Qualities on

Financial Reporting

• Business—ability to realise a return

– Performance (measured by net income)

– Budget sama dengan a financial program

• Government—ability to provide a assistance

– Performance (measured by services supplied

and complying with legal requirements)

– Budget = establishes what services need to be

provided and just how much can be spent to

provide these services

Revealing Basics

• The Primary Federal government

– Selected governing plank

– Distinct legal status

– Monetary independence

Credit reporting Basics (continued)

• Component Units

– Legally independent from the main government

– Tests to ascertain if an business is a part


• Primary authorities appoints the governing table

• Fiscal dependence on the main government

– Benefit or burden

– Primary federal government can enforce its can

• Exemption would be deceiving

Reporting Element Units

• Blended—when the component unit is an

integral portion of the primary govt, it

needs to be combined with that government

– Shared regulating body, or

– Great things about the aspect unit collect almost

exclusively to the major government

• Discrete—disclose the component unit

separately through the primary govt

What is a Pay for?

• A fund is known as a fiscal and accounting enterprise

created for the objective of conducting and

tracking particular types of activities

• Funds are created as required (usually while

restrictions are placed on resources)

• Governments are encouraged to minimize

the number of funds to promote performance

Types of Funds

• Governmental

– usually tax-supported

• Private

– usually supported by fees for companies

• Fiduciary

– consists of resources owned by someone


Measurement Emphasis

• Economical resources

– Focus on possessions and liabilities

– Since assets/liabilities alter, revenues and expenses

will be recognized

– Revenues are recognized when ever (1) realized or

realizable and (2) earned

– Expenses will be recognized as monetary resources are

used up or obligations will be incurred

– Matching profits & expenditures measures net

income--the return generated through the period

Measurement Focus (continued)

• Current Financial Resources

– Focus on spendable...

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