Very best Common Component

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Find the very best common factor of several numbers.

Very best Common Factor

VENN DIAGRAM The Venn diagram shows the prime factors of 12 and 18. 1 . Which factors happen to be in the

Perfect Factors Primary Factors of 12 of 18

New Vocabulary

Venn diagram greatest common factor (GCF)

overlapping section? What does this mean?

2 . Is a product of two and several also

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an issue of 12 and 18?

3. Make a Venn diagram demonstrating the prime elements of 12 and twenty.

Identify the common factors and discover their merchandise. 1–3. Discover margin. Since shown above, Venn layouts use overlapping circles to exhibit how common elements between sets of numbers or perhaps objects are related. They will also show common factors. The greatest from the common elements of two or more numbers is the greatest common factor, or GCF.

Find the Greatest Common Element

1 Find the GCF of 18 and twenty four.

METHOD one particular List the factors of the numbers.

List the factors of 18 and 48.

factors of 18: you, 2, a few, 6, 9, 18 elements of 48: 1, a couple of, 3, four, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, twenty four

The common elements of 18 and forty-eight are you, 2, several, and 6. So , the best common aspect or GCF is 6th. METHOD 2 Use excellent factorization.

Write down thier prime factorization. Circle the most popular prime factors. 18 sama dengan 2 Г— 3 Г— 3 forty eight = a couple of Г— 2 Г— a couple of Г— 2 Г— a few Write the primary factorizations of 18 and 48.

The very best common component or GCF is a couple of Г— several or 6th.

Find the GCF of each and every pair of amounts.

a. eight, 10


b. six, 12


c. 10, 17

one particular


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Examining Math

Best Common Component The greatest common factor is usually called the best common divisor because it is the highest number that divides evenly into the provided numbers.

Find the GCF of Three Numbers

2 Find the GCF of 12, twenty four, and sixty.

Write the excellent factorization. Ring the common excellent factors. 12 = 2 Г— two Г— 3 24 sama dengan 2 Г— 2 Г— 2 Г— 3 sixty = two Г— two Г— three or more Г— five The common perfect factors are 2, 2, and 3. So , the GCF can be 2 Г— 2 Г— 3, or 12. Write the prime factorization of 12, 24, and 60.

Get the GCF of each set of numbers.

m. 30, forty-five, 75


e. 42, 70, 84


three or more SCHOOL NATURE The cheerleaders are

producing spirit laces and ribbons. Blue bows comes in a 24 " spool, red ribbon comes in a 35 inch stove, and gold ribbon also comes in a thirty six inch kitchen. The cheerleaders want to slice strips of equal duration and utilize entire kitchen of each bow. What is the size of the greatest piece of bow that can be cut from every single spool? 24 in. 40 in. 36 in.

The size of the greatest ribbon which can be cut coming from each kitchen is the GCF of the 3 lengths. twenty four = two Г— a couple of Г— two Г— three or more 30 sama dengan 2 thirty six = a couple of Г— 2 Г—3 Г— 5 Г—3 Г—3 Write down thier prime factorization of twenty four, 30, and 36.

The GCF of 24, 40, and thirty six is 2 Г— a few or 6th. So , the ribbons must be 6 in . long.

4 How a large number of spirit ribbons can be built if the laces and ribbons are cut into 6-inch pieces? There is a total of 24 & 30 & 36, or perhaps 90 in . of bows. So , 90 Г· 6, or 12-15 spirit frills can be manufactured. Prime Numbers The GCF of a selection of prime quantities is 1 )

f. CABINETRY Mr. Glover wants to help to make shelves pertaining to his garage area using

an 18-foot board and a 36-foot plank. He will lower the boards to make racks of the same duration and would like to use all both planks. Find the longest possible length of every single shelf. How many shelves can he make? 18 ft, 3 Lesson 4-2 Greatest Prevalent Factor


★ implies multi-step trouble

Examples one particular, 2

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Find the GCF of each pair of numbers. 1 ) 18, 31 6 installment payments on your 45, 62 15 5. 6, almost 8, 12

a few. 20, 40

10 6


your five. 8, twenty, 40


6. 18, 42, 60

JOBS Intended for Exercises 7 and almost 8, use the subsequent information. A store manager really wants to display the inventory Bike Helmets of three styles of bicycle helmets in series with Style Inventory a similar number of each style in each row. Examples a few, 4

(p. 187)

several. Find the very best number of head gear that

Sport Road

thirty eight 72 45

can be placed in...

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