How to poo on a paper

 How to poo on a newspaper

п»ї1. Eurasian cultural traditions.

2004, Chinese suppliers celebrates 2, 555th birthday of Confucius,

Buddhism/Christianity gaining china

Element of enduring legacy of time-honored world

In 500 BCE, Great beginning of durable cultural customs that have molded the world since that time. China: Confucius and Laozi, Indian: Hindu, Persia: Zoroastrianism, Israel: Judaism, Greece: Realistic Humanism

2 . China plus the Search for purchase

China experienced state buildings that returned to 2000BCE

Idea of requirement of bliss established by 1122bce

Destroys into turmoil of the warring states 403-211BCE

3. The legalist Solution

Han Feizi leading legalistic philosophers

Principle: Strict guidelines, clearly defined and strictly unplaned, answer to disorder Pessimistic perspective of characteristics: Only condition can take action in householder's long term interest Promotion: Farmers/soldiers only vital functions

Inspires Qin Dynasty reunification of chinese suppliers

some. The Confucian Answer

Confucius (551-479 BCE) Educated, driven Aristocrat.

Spent life looking for political placement to put ideas to work. Gigantic impact on china/ East Asia

Teachings gathered by the college students as the analects

Confucianism: Human body of thought

Principle: Ethical example of managers is the response to disorder Society consists of unequal relationships

Duty of superiors to become sincere/benevolent

Encourage different and obedience through the inferior

Humans may be improved Education is key

Broad liberal arts education

Use to get govt concerns

Need for ritual/Ceremonies

Became standard ideology of Chinese Express

Family while model pertaining to political existence

History crucial

Nonreligious in persona

a few. The Daoist Answer

Linked w/ Laozi

Opposite of Confucianism

Elite regard it as complement to Confucianism

Enters pop. Religion

Ideology for rebellion.

6th. Cultural Customs of Traditional India

Top notch was happy about religious matters

Simply no historical president of Hinduism

Developed along Indian world

Spreads into ZE Asia continues to be w/...

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