Lessons Plan in Mathematics

 Lesson Strategy in Math concepts Essay

Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Math concepts (Transformations) Level:  First Season High School

Themes:  Mathematics, Angles,  Transformations

We. Objectives: �

A. To acknowledge Euclidean transformations.

B. To recognize reflections, snel, and shifts.

C. To prove theorems related to conversions.

D. To fix problems including transformations.

Electronic. To apply changes to real-world situations.

Farrenheit. To create models using conversions.

II. Materials: �

papers, protractor, ruler

tangram challenge


3. Procedure:

A. Presentation�

Activity - Folding of Paper�

The teacher can give an activity that requires the foldable of newspaper and looking up of designs.

B. Discussion�

From the activity, the teacher will speak about that geometry is not only the study of figures nevertheless is also study regarding the movements of numbers. Is the original figure consonant to the various other figures?

How does the second graphic compare to the initial figure?

C. Input







Stiff Motion


Theorem 18-1

Theorem 18-2

Theorem 18-3

Theorem 18-4

C. Discussion

The above explanations and theorems will be discussed and demonstrated. The teacher will inquire the student to provide examples of transformations.

D. Activity

Tangram Puzzle

The students can form six groups. Every group will make images of animals employing tangram challenge and they will identify the kind of change depicted or perhaps made after doing the game.

E. Evaluation�


1 ) Which with the following changes creates a determine that is related (but not congruent) towards the original number? 2 . Just how can transformations be applied to real-world conditions?

III. Assignment


The student will use conversions to move figures and generate designs. at 4: 25 PM�

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