Literary Phrases Report

 Essay about Literary Words and phrases Report

Language and Power in Culture: Innovative Words

Even more Oral Activity

Groups: 3-4 students in each group

Groundbreaking ideas, and revolutions, first begin with words. These words may be presented in grand speeches that move the masses or perhaps they may be the lyrics to these songs of the music of the time. Through this project, you will teach the students about a particular historical and cultural framework, an important determine (or group) from that circumstance, and engage within a close examination of a talk or tune that necessitates awareness and/or change in response to a particular issue from that some place.

Historical/Cultural Details to analyze:

В· What are the details from the social context? (Social classes, economy, governmental policies, racial make-up of the world, etc . ) What you give attention to will depend on your specific choice. В· What region is the speaker/performer from and who is the intended market for the message? В· What is the specific issue/problem/conflict that may be being tackled by the speaker/performer? В· What is the purpose of the speaker/performer's meaning and how carry out they make this happen?

Biographical Information on the speaker/performer:

В· What is important regarding the speaker/performer's biography that will help make clear their engagement and anxiety about the issue?

Research of Speech/Song:

В· You can engage in a detailed analysis in the speech/song, analyzing the rhetorical, poetic, and literary features in the text and how these contribute to producing the speaker/performer's point. В· Make sure you choose a speech/song that is rich intended for analysis. If there is little to the speech or perhaps lyrics you may not have much to say plus the presentation will suffer. В· Song content must be appropriate for institution


В· You must have a Google Paperwork PowerPoint that is visually prepared (not disorderly and crowded) that accentuates important features in the display. All the information you deliver ought not to be on the go....

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