Measurement of Biochemical Air Demand (Bod)

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Name: Laboratory a couple of: Measurement of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Objective

To look for the amount of oxygen essential for biological oxidation process of wastewater effluent and determine how much oxygen needed by bacterias while stabilizing decomposable organic and natural matter.


Apparatus; Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) m, Dissolved O2 bottle (DO bottle), pipette, Teflon strapping, dilution drinking water, incubator equipment. Procedure; Put 300 milliliters dilute drinking water then have DO examining immediately

Sealed properly and keep into the incubator (200C). Have reading for 5 days and nights Add three or more ml thin down water and fill up with dilute normal water until 300ml then consider DO reading immediately

Figure 1

Safety measure

Selections for BOD analysis might change considerably during controlling and storage space. Testing should be started as soon as possible. To reduce the changes in all those samples which must be kept, keep the samples at or below 4В°C. Do not allow trials to get cold. Samples may be kept to get no more than twenty four hours before beginning the BOD test. Pupils assign to avoid interference from chlorine. Since chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent, it is going to inhibit the growth of living bacteria in the BOD test out. Any examples containing residual chlorine should be pretreated to eliminate chlorine ahead of the test is run. This really is done by adding sodium sulfite to the sample. Samples with extreme ph level values and samples containing disinfectants just like residual chlorine must be treated just before testing. Caustic alkalinity or perhaps acidity can prevent bacterias from growing during the course of the BOD evaluation. To prevent this, samples which have pH ideals higher than ph level 8. zero or lower than pH 6. 0 should be neutralized to pH 7. 0 before the test is conducted. Result

1) 3 milliliters sample

Group| Sample| Result| First working day (1st)| 5th day (5th)| В | В | В | DO| Temp| DO| Temp

| | | (mg/l)| (0C)| (mg/l)| (0C)

1| Blank| 1st| being unfaithful. 20| 25. 8| on the lookout for. 26| 20. 3

| | 2nd| 9. 16| 25. 8| 9. 30|...

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