Emotional Report

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Emotional Report

Name: Maria

Grow older: 18

Day of Labor and birth: April 2, 1994

Particular date of Analysis: February 8, 2013

Recommendation Question:

Your customer was called because by simply her family because of continuous disturbance after 3 months of the rape event.

Evaluation Methods:

Maria was interviewed for two hours and administered the Impact of Celebration Scale – Revised (IES-R) Administered Beck Depression Products on hand (BDI)

Behavioral Observation

The consumer was putting on pants, Jacket and clothing, she is 5'2'' tall and has a brown eyes and fair appearance. During the interview Maria was very indifferent and faraway. She is always looking straight down, maybe because she is shy or ashamed to what experienced happen to her. Although the girl was continued to be seated on her chair you should notice that there are some things wrong with her. During the IES and BDI test, the girl was thinking carefully in what she is going to answer at some point she genuinely stops to believe or by pass onto another item. After the testing you would notice the misery in her facial manifestation.

Presenting Trouble

Maria stated that the lady was raped by a tricycle driver three months ago your woman said that your woman was yelling and no one can possibly hear her she was hit several more times due to shouting and your woman was very helpless. Following the incident, the lady was extremely quiet and distant to men also to her father and sibling they said that a lot of of the time the lady was simply staying inside her area, doesn't take in much and often doesn't take in at all. Her family reported that the girl hardly rests she keeps awake right up until dawn then when she falls asleep they notice her speaking while sleeping declaring " tulong, tulungan ninyo ako” whilst crying and they're going to wake her up along with she will merely scream thinking that her family members is the one that raped her. From your day after the incident happened she under no circumstances acted regular or the way she was before, jolly and very completely happy person.

Background Information

Maria was born and brought up in Angeles city and her biological parents remained married. Her father is around 45 years old, working on their particular water refilling station. The lady described her father being a " very loving and caring father”. She declared that she was very close to her father prior to the incident took place. Her mother is approximately forty-four years old and living being a plain stay at home mom since they were married. She is the third of four siblings, older brother 23, old sister twenty-one and young brother 12. She was very close to her family before the incident took place she started being faraway to her father and mother especially to her father and brothers your woman always need to be alone and she merely cries she actually is also very irritated whenever the lady rides tricycle even with her family your woman explains that everything is definitely coming back to me whenever We ride tricycle she noted. She also will not want to discuss what acquired happened with her also at school where she is studying being a second season tourism college student her parents said that her professor's are very concerned about can be happening to Maria because she may not be able to take part well in her classes and it has already affecting her grades.

Interpretations and Impressions

Upon Beck Despression symptoms Inventory, the girl scored 32 which if this scaled by 31-40 you may have a severe depression. And Impact of Event Scale-Revised she won 10 this scores has a impact on her daily living, attitude, performance and thinking.


AXIS I: Content Traumatic Stress Disorder, Long-term

AXIS II: V71. 09 No Developing or Persona Disorder Clinically diagnosed

AXIS 3: No Health or Disorder Diagnosed

Axis IV: recurrent distressing with the event

Axis V: GAF 52

Synopsis and Advice

Maria is suffering from Content Traumatic Pressure Disorder, chronic due to continuous disturbance in dreams, perception, being isolated to friends and family especially to men due to traumatic celebration that experienced happened. The customer is recommended to find further assistance for treating her disorder, including her family to overcome...

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