Metabolism Outline

 Metabolism Outline Essay

Examination 3

Examine Guide

Digestive tract

Differentiate digestive function from metabolic process

Identify the organs of the alimentary canal in order through the mouth to the anus

Oral cavity

Know the eight anatomical parts

Processes – mastication, swallowing, taste


Identify the naso-, oro- and laryngopharynx and classify these regions with respect to passing of food and/or surroundings through these people Longitudinal & circular muscle mass layer - peristalsis

To get the alimentary canal by esophagus to large is going to: Identify all the four layers of the wall structure - the mucosa, the submucosa, the muscularis externa, and the serosa (visceral peritoneum), and know very well what is in every single layer

According to stomach:

a. Describe the structure and discuss the function of the cardiac and pyloric sphincters. b. Determine the composition the heart failure region, the fundus, your body and the pyloric region of the stomach. c. Discuss the value of rugae.

d. Discuss the function of the oblique muscle level of the abdomen (see laboratory! ) electronic. Identify the structure of the gastric sweat gland including the precise location of the chief cells, parietal cells, endocrine skin cells, and mucous cells, and discuss the functions/products of such different cellular types. f. Identify the more and smaller curvatures and know the significance of the increased and lower omentum With respect to the small intestinal tract:

a. Know main function

b. Determine the location from the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum and the ileocecal valve. c. Know the purpose of the mesentery

d. Determine and go over the features of the plicae circulares, villi, and microvilli, structures involved with absorption, and Peyer's spots.

With respect to the large intestine:

a. Understand main function(s); goblet skin cells?

b. Discover the cecum and appendix, the climbing, transverse, climbing down, and sigmoid colon, the rectum, and the anus

With respect to the salivary glands:

a. Illustrate the location of the parotid, submandibular, and sublingual glands and...

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