п»їSCENARIO one particular

According to scenario one particular, the followings are the posts and reliability measure to regulate it. STRINGS


1 . Fireplace outbreaks, commences just outside of the data centre.

The attack can be an internal and active strike caused by a negative employee or perhaps worker we. e an unsatisfied or a dissatisfied employee My spouse and i. Availability of fire department middle

II. Rendering of well programmed sprinkler system

3. Building has become evacuated to prevent loss of lives


1 . Figure out the worker simply by investigating and either dismiss him/her or perhaps by compensating him/her simply by treating him right or perhaps well. 2 . This can also be controlled by enforcing the physical security of the business i. electronic by setting up cctv camera in every hook and corner of the company this will likely monitor all the employees actions within the for 10 million baht in thailand (divide that by three for the rest of the developed world). the company; of which any employee that partcipates in such a destructive work can be fished out quickly by replaying the record. 3. RFID can also be deployed to keep an eye on the in and out of every worker. 2 . Anthrax box was detected by simply an employee inside the lobby

My spouse and i. Evacuation to build has be performed again to avoid loss of lives II. Health department is definitely on field to investigate the problems and deal with people III. The sprinkler system has become implemented which usually caused the e-mail and world wide web server to halt working.


1 . Personnel and guests should be properly screened and become checked carefully before entering the organization or perhaps company in order to avoid them getting potentially risky object in the company. 2 . Foreign thing detector technology should be implemented and executed in the business to ensure correct screening in the people we. e tourists and workers moving in and out of the company. 3. Call up the attention of crime investigators so as to confirm the doer from the crime; ring finger print test out will completed the box.

3. Email-based server and Web machine are straight down

We. The sprinkler system was programmed to turned off the net and email server straight down in case of any emergency to be able to prevent loss of data, explosion and destruction in the server


1 . Email-based and world wide web server should always be kept in a safer place where it cannot be conveniently accessed by an burglars and free from disasters like thunder tornado, lightening and flooding i actually. eit should be kept Within a water proof data room throughout the middle degree of a building. 2 . Right now there should always be an alternative solution stand-by server kept Within location to exchange in case a server is usually down "" the proper performing of the organization e-commerce websites 3. call the right employees i. electronic network secureness engineer figure out the proper place servers ought to be kept against disaster when planning to design a network four. The email and world wide web server should either switched on be mended or changed immediately to ensure the proper functioning of the company ecommerce sites to be able to prevent lossof customers 4. Customer are not able to place purchase at the firm sites because the servers had been down I actually. The company has provided an alternate call center by another site against crisis for customers whom cannot place order with the company's web page. 5. Personnel are afraid to resume operate

I. Law enforcement department intervened


Relating to situation 2, the followings would be the threads and control evaluate was used. THREADS


1 . Explosion arises at a chemical grow

i actually. They got a preventive measures because they build the hq two (2) miles away from chemical flower so as to loss of lives and properties. 2. Officials took control measure by planning to confirm sum of potentially hazardous and lethal toxins which may have released for the air so as to alert visitors to evacuate the area if the rate were substantial or in case the area will not likely fit intended for lives to outlive 2 . people were experiencing Inhaling and exhaling difficulties

my spouse and i. Public health officials took a security measure by encouraging persons living in the city to " shelter in place”...

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