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Olive oil Drilling: The meaning of Insanity11


BY: Regulatory Reconstructs Made12

Simply no Additional Regulation12

Insignificant Changes12

Blowout Helps prevent Deficient13

Not enough Reforms13

FOR: Government: Effects is Small14

OECM model flawed14

BY: Moratorium Triggered Job Loss14

Moratorium failed to cause significant job loss14

AT: Gas Price Reductions15

Opener: Refuses to Reduce Gas Prices15

Opener: Political Rhetoric is False15

AP Study: No Relationship between Prices and Production15

AP Study: How its performed16

AT: " Exercise baby drill” Rhetoric16

Small Amount of Oil when compared to Global Consumption16

No Correlation between Development and Price17

Minimal Impact on Gas Prices17

No-Long Term Impacts17

Simply no Short-Term Impacts17

Price of oil based on global market18

No significant effect on household supply before 203019

Empirics: No Results on Gas Prices19

Very long while prior to production could reach market20

Empirics: Gas Prices and Production Increase20

Chart: No Correlation21

Possible 2 penny Reduction in 203022

Foreign International locations Work to avoid Fluctuations22

Turn: Prices Climb Because of Refinery Maintenance22

92% of Economic analysts: Gas Selling price Fluctuation not Effected simply by Oil Production23 AT: Drilling in the OCS Reduces Gas Prices24

BY: Increase in Home-based Supply25

Aren't become independent of imports through drilling25

Extra essential oil is small , and offset25

Won't be able to drill away of energy dependence25

Imports needed even with more drilling26

Tiny increased supply26

AT: R& D Complete27

Scientific info and further ecological research are needed to inform sound decision making27 Studies needed to take into account the unrecovered injected liquid, to improve water administration strategies, and analyze the impact of forgotten oil/gas water wells on fluid/gas migration28 AT: Oil Independence29

US Oil is a Basic safety Net29

Convert: Increased Issue and Extremism in the Middle East29 Turn: Global Powers Rise30

Empirics: Independence =/= Cheap and Steady Prices30

Convert: Other Countries Fund Middle East30

Change: Long-Term Damage31


Ocean Natural Reference Policies32

a) Interpretation: MNR Policy32

b) Violation: The affirmative crew presents an agenda that ok bye Oil. thirty-two c) Standards33

1 . Science33

2 . Brightline33

d) Voting Issue33

1 . Jurisdiction33

installment payments on your No Solvency33


Inherency: Already Going in the Gulf34

Gulf within a " Boom”34

Record Numbers of Oil34

Easier Now than Ever35

Biggest Surge Ever36

700, 000 Barrels a Day36

Increase Even With Regulations37

Biggest System Ever37

Significant Investments37

Revenue Increasing38

Legal agreements Increasing39

Inherency: Moratorium Repealed39

Moratorium Repealed in 201039

Moratorium Failed to Stop Petrol Drilling40


Solvency: Companies Won't Drill41

Companies set leases and don't drill41

Leases unused41

DOE: 70% of Leases Unused42

Warrant: Expense, Little Gains42

Solvency: Too little Refineries43


Disadvantage: Oil Spill44

Website link: More Drilling44

Link: Spill Will Happen44

Oil Spills Inevitable44

Significant Oil Spills Should Be Expected44

Internal Link 1: Damages Ecosystems45

Damaged Ecosystem from Oil Spills45

Internal Hyperlink 2: Decreases Tourism45

Huge psychological impact on tourism45

Interior Link a few: Worse than BP Spill46

Future Leaks Could Be A whole lot worse than BP46

Impact you: Damaged Marine Based Economy46

Damaged Sea Economy46

Empirics: BP Drip Reduced Economic Gains47

Olive oil Spills Harm Costal Countries47

Impact a couple of: Restoration Costs47

Restoration price 20 billion47

Impact a few: Human Well being Undermined48

Man health effects from oil spills48

Impact 4: Housing market Damaged48

Home Value Loss49

Market Ideals Destroyed49

Influence Weighing50

Travel and leisure and fishing outweigh benefit of oil and gas50

Tourist earnings often exceed drilling revenues51

Potential costs to travel and leisure outweigh potential oil...