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The first Olympic Games were celebrated being a religious festival from 776 B. C. until 393 A. D., when the games were suspended for being a pagan event (the Olympics celebrated the Greek god Zeus). In 1894, an italian educator Souverain Pierre para Coubertin, proposed a revival of the old tradition, and therefore the modern-day Olympic Summer time Games were born.

Host Portugal won one of the most medals (47) at the initially Olympic Summer Games in 1896.

The United States features won more medals (2, 189) on the Summer Game titles than some other country.

The Olympic medals are designed particularly for each individual Olympic Games by the sponsor city's organising committee. Each medal must be at least three millimeters thick and 60 millimeters in size. Also, the gold and silver Olympic medals must be made out of 80. 5 percent sterling silver, with the gold medal covered in half a dozen grams of gold. The last Olympic platinum medals that have been made entirely out of gold were awarded in 1912.

Wayne B. Connolly (United States), winner in the hop, stage, and jump (the initial final celebration in the 1896 Olympics), was the first Olympic champion in the modern Olympic Games

Because of Globe War I actually and Ww ii, there were simply no Olympic Games in 1916, 1940, or 1944.

Up until 1994 the Olympics were held every four years. Since then, the wintertime and Summer time games have got alternated every single two years.

The Summer Olympic sports are archery, badminton, hockey, beach football, boxing, kayak / boat, cycling, snorkeling, equestrian, secure fencing, field hockey, gymnastics, handball, judo, modern pentathlon (shooting, fencing, going swimming, show jumping, and running), mountain bicycling, rowing, cruising, shooting, sports, swimming, synchronized swimming, ping pong, taekwondo, tennis games, track and field, triathlon (swimming, cycling, running), football, water polo, weightlifting, and wrestling.

The Winter Olympic sports activities are alpine skiing, biathlon (cross-country skiing and concentrate on shooting), bobsled, cross-country skiing, curling, number skating,...

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