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In the theory of psychoanalysis, Freud introduced the term " Oedipus complex” also called as " Mom fixation” in line with the Ancient Greece and Rome mythology in which Oedipus who also killed his father and married his mother to designate a boy's good love to get and attachment to his mother and consequent envy and hatred towards his father. Unconsciously the youngster may even nurture a prefer to kill his father and marry his mother. This really is a crucial level in the regular psycho-sexual developing process, and others who neglect to pass the stage will probably be unable to set up a normal man-woman relationship if they grow up. After launching the origin and understanding of Mom Fixation, the thesis highlights that M. H. Lawrence, together with his performs, especially Daughters and Lovers, is a certain evidence of the Oedipus sophisticated. In the classic Chinese family culture,combining with a few of the special relationship from the sons and mothers plus the conflicts between the mothers and daughters-in-law that they reveals the phenomenon and essence of Mother Hinsicht. The thesis firstly clarifies the understanding and evaluates the study position of Mom Fixation in the home and in another country. Secondly, that gets evidence of Mother Hinsicht from the lifetime of Lawrence. Finally, it analyzes the work kids and enjoys. With the depiction of battles between the dramatis personas Mrs. Morel plus the lovers of her son Paul, emotional dependence plus the abnormal love of the mom and boy, the biformity and the tragedy of the dramatis personas, that reveals to us that how Mother Fixation damage the body and soul of men and women.

Key Words

Mother Fixation; mental dependence; certain evidence; irregular love

摘 要

弗洛伊德在其精神分析学说中根据古希腊罗马神话俄狄浦斯王子杀父娶母而提出" 俄狄浦斯”亦称" 恋母情结”这个概念,认为三岁至五岁的男孩会自然而然地恋母嫉父,并在潜意识中存着杀父娶母的欲望;不能顺利度过这一阶段的男孩成年之后往往难以确立正常的恋爱或夫妻关系。本文旨在细述对恋母情结的来源和对恋母情结的理解后,指出20世纪英国作家劳伦斯及其作品,尤其是《儿子与情人》,便是" 恋母情结”的有力佐证,并从劳伦斯的生平和这部作品中找出事实与证据,结合中国传统家庭文化中某些特殊的母子关系、婆媳的纷争与矛盾关系中揭示了恋母情结的现象和本质。本论文先是通过对恋母情结的理解和分析并阐述了国内外对恋母情结的研究状况;然后从作者劳伦斯生平事迹找出其身上恋母证据;最后分析作品《儿子与情人》,通过描述作品中由恋母情结所引发的战争,主人公莫瑞尔夫人和儿子保罗之间的心理依赖和畸恋,作品主人公的矛盾心理及主人公的悲剧来揭示恋母情结对人身心的伤害。




Mother Hinsicht was a delicate subject inside the literature universe that exploration about it was not much; Freud was also lack of certain evidence for it that was posed by him. In the 20th century, the task sons and lovers turned on a great feeling in the literary works world that people put their particular attention to Mom Fixation. Most people believed that it was a strong evidence for Freud's theory-Mother Hinsicht. In the job sons and lovers, Mrs. Gertrude morel, the mom, was a girl of good character and refinement. Her husband was obviously a miner who have drank seriously and he was irresponsible which regularly led to horrible quarrels in the family. Paul Morel were raised in such a unhappy setting. The mother lavished her love on him and identified to save him from the darkness of the fossil fuel mine. But when he was crazy about Miriam, Mrs. Morel was afraid that she may possibly lose him so the girl did her best to come between them. Finally, the two lovers had to divorce from each other. A second accessory, to Clara, gradually fizzled out, also clearly, both equally failures were caused by the possessive mother, it was not merely until the mother died the fact that son began to find to get his true love earnestly. It really is one of the greatest autobiographical novels with the last century and it is liked far and wide on the globe. Although Lawrence denied this, his relatives background was so just like the dramatic persona Paul's. Having been in love with the wife of your professor; the lady of three children was 6 years more aged than Lawrence negated the loss of his mother. Via Lawrence wonderful work Sons and Lovers we should master something about it.

�. The Understanding of Mother Fixation

A. The Origin of Mother Fixation

In one of the old Greece and Rome mythologies there was a prophecy the fact that new royal prince of Oedipus realm would be the person who get rid of his...

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