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- Russian organic and natural market is escalating, which is indicated by the recent statistics compared from 2011 to 2012 that come to $148 million in 2012. A 7. 8% growth was indicated seeing that 2011.

- The lack of Russian certification system seems to create a challenge for the expansion of organic foodstuff demand in Russia.

- In 2015, Russian organic food is definitely expected to growth significantly later on due to the law that is going to always be enforced by simply obtaining the certification form with a third party nation such as the United states or European Union.

- The use of a third party to import organic food in Russian soil endures a higher cost, which will increases the price of organic products.


- In 2012, Russian authorities and market collaborated by using an outline rules on the creation of organic food products by Russian Ministry of Culture.

- Regarding cultural obstructions, Russians will not trust community system certification due to the lack of information on appropriate ingredients in organic food products. 60% of Moscow Supermarkets customers are willing to pay more money for goods that contain some kind of special organic and natural signs for the products in order that the quality of organic meals with precise ingredients.

-- The obstructions analyzed pertaining to developing outstanding organic products in Russia is a lack of authorities knowledge of organic and natural product development. The answer identified just for this problem is providing knowledge to Russian clients on the composition of producing organic and natural food, which can be expected to increase the demand rapidly for customers of organic and natural food in Russia.


Sanitary requirements for organic food production came into push in July 2008, granted by Rospotrebnadzor, the Russian consumer security regulatory and monitoring body. However , there are no clear rules to get the labeling of organic products and no recognized certification system or certifying agency. Being a...

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