Personal Swot

 Personal Swot Essay


This is the SWOT research. SWOT is short for strengths, weak points, opportunities, and threats. Abilities and failings are both inner to the person or company. Opportunities and threats are external to the person or company. Advantages

I feel blessed to have some of these qualities in my " corner” so to speak. We don't think I could have achieved as much as I use if it were not for some of such strengths. * Strong math skills

2. Team player

* Strong drive to improve disadvantages

* Sufferer

* Highly competitive


I use worked hard to get where We currently i am in life, although I feel a few of my attributes have organised me again. Since one among my strengths is a good drive to further improve my weaknesses, I feel as time passes I can switch my weak points into strong points as well. * Weak interaction skills

5. Harsh self-judgment

* Procrastination

Steps to Turn Disadvantages Into Talents

I have been centering on my communication skills for the last couple year. Since, I've noticed very much progress, but I was currently not where I need them to always be. My procedure for improve this kind of quality are to meet several people as is feasible, go to events sponsored by career services that help improve communication and make me an improved candidate pertaining to employment, and also have leadership positions in the golf equipment and agencies that I are involved. One other weakness My spouse and i intend to increase is my personal harsh self-judgment. I think as I progress inside my career and life, this kind of quality will eventually desolve, so I think being aware of it is a weak spot is the very first step to improve it. The last weakness I have to improve is usually procrastination. The first thing is to recognize it, that i have already known it's living. Currently, I am forcing myself to do the hard factor, which hardly ever involves TV, video games, or Facebook. This semester I actually am producing myself browse the chapters is to do homework every night, which I have not been able to successfully carry out before. I hope after this...

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