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Long time before the Spaniards and other foreigners landed onPhilippine shores, our ancestors and forefathers already acquired their own literary works stamped in the history of the race. The ancient literature shows our customs and traditions in everyday life as traced in our folk stories, older plays and short stories. Our historic ancestors likewise had their particular alphabet that has been different from that brought by the Spaniards. The first alphabet used by the ancestors was similar to that of the Malayo-Polynesian alphabet. Whatever records our ancestors left were either burned by theSpaniards friars in the belief that they were works of the devil or werewritten on materials that conveniently perished, just like the barks of trees, dried leaves and bamboo cyl which could not have remained undestroyed even if efforts were made aid them. Other records that remained showed folk songs that proved theexistence of a indigenous culture really our own. Some of these were approved on by word of mouth marketing till they will reached the hands of some publishers or machines who took interest in printing the manuscripts of the ancient Filipinos.  The Spaniards who came to the Korea tried to prove that our ancestors and forefathers were actually fond of poetry, songs, testimonies, riddles and proverbs which usually we even now enjoy today and which serve to show to ages the true tradition of our persons. LEGENDS�

- Will be forms of writing, the common theme of which is regarding the origin of a thing, place, location or perhaps name. The events are imaginary, devoid of real truth and unbelievable. Its aim is to entertain. Example:

The Legend with the Tagalogs

Within a certain large region of Luzon, there was a town frequented by simply young men. The city was packed with trees, gorgeous flowers and a lake where obvious waters flowed. What drawn the teenagers more than the landscape was a fabulous nymph- like maiden. The maiden was Maria and she got lots of suitors who originated in afar and who fought for her palm. But Nancy remained unconcerned and very choosy. Because your woman was kind, her suitors remained undaunted so Helen thought of a plan. She known as all the males together and told these people, " You are all very good and kind in fact it is difficult to choose one between you. Let me decide which has a test. " I'll get married to the initially man that can bring us a big, live and solid serpent, " Maria stated in jest. The teenage boys were dumbfounded. After a whilst, the words of Ilog broke the silence. " In promise to bring you one, Maria. Eve merely have to risk my life, I'll bring you whatever you wish. log was a gentleman known for his bravery. This individual left right away to fulfill his promise. The boys whispered most notable. They were sure Ilog would not be able to return. They continued to wait for a long while yet Ilog had not returned. Even Maria was saddened mainly because she also grieved the loss of a male as daring and covering as Ilog. After a large number of hours, Ilog returned. That they crowded to determine how Ilog would confirm his braveness. Ilog held a big snake by it is nape and tail. Even though the men were thus filled, two Spaniards passed by. Their interest was caught not in what Ilog placed but by the beauty of Maria. " Maria, " heroically referred to as Ilog. " I've brought you the snake you desired for. What elsedo you want me to do to cause you to happy? " The Spaniards were startled. They asked the people about where these people were and in what place we were holding in but nobody paid attention for their attention had been focused on the snake and on Maria. When ever Maria noticed that the fish was still attempting, she yelled. " Taga, Ilog! Taga, Ilog! " (Cut, Ilog! Cut, Ilog! ) which usually she addressed to Ilog so he would cut the snake up again. The 2 Spaniards, thinking that this was in answer to their very own question repeated the words TAGAILOG, TAGAILOG which usually later became TAGAL.


- Made up of tales about lifestyle, adventure, take pleasure in, horror and humor where one can derive lessons about your life. These are helpful to us since they help us value our environment, examine our personalities...

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