Company's Introduction

Hand Haul Sdn. Bhd. (PHSB) was a family-owned small and medium sized organization in the elementary palm oil (CPO) transportation business located in Taiping, Perak. Founded in 2002, it had about 200 employees which many of them were tanker drivers. Within the average, PHSB transported 3000 tonnes of CPO via palm oil generators to the particular refineries that purchased the oil by oil palm plantation companies and cooperative mills. The company actually facing alarming issue with the quality of consignments to the refineries where the CPO either sent short or contaminated with water or perhaps sludge.

Statement in the problems

Oilene refineries as one of PHSB's key customer significantly affected by the bad consignments as they had to power down the plant to clean up out the sludge almost over a weekly basis and this was affecting their very own delivery timelines as well as the top quality of the oil they produced. On top of that, there had been various occasions where consignment sent did not tally with amounts listed on the delivery orders. Oilene management were required to decide whether to renew deal with PHSB which is thanks in Summer or to hire other CPO transportation business such as Gambling Oils Transporter which reported a more trusted transporter.

Recommendations for Oilene

1 ) Contaminated CPO

To get over the problem brought on by contaminated consignments that shutdown the eventually shutdown the full production, the business can purchase Palm Oil Monitoring System. Upon unloading the tanker with the refinery train station bay, the custody transfer process occur. The system surely could monitor the amount and normal water content of the delivery to make certain it fulfills the specs. This can be carried out manually or automatically employing online quality monitors attached with the outlet piping of the truck during delivery. The outcomes might have an effect on the cost per insert since higher quality CPO is more...

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