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English Process Pleasantville

Chosen scene is at " Cafe Questions” from 51: 00min to 53: 40min Storyboard you – Picture

Storyboard 1 portrays what the structure of the cafe would be like in a contemporary culture today, in the year 1950s it was regarded as regular or a norm being indoors current seating plan to be set up in presentation area like face to face tables with cushion back again chairs, nowadays you will be seated exterior or inside with totally free standing and movable chairs for stand space for just 1 or 8 persons, you would include small backyard trees inside our outside in which you are eating and quite often a menu stuck outside of the shop while in the 1950s it will inside on a chalk panel above the counter with rather than trees intended for decoration old style posters and advertisements and maybe a jukebox.

Storyboard 2 – Societal Expectations and norms

Storyboard 2 shows the social expectations and norms of today, when dining back in the 1950s everyone will be socialising face to face and having uninterrupted conversations. Today it is quite common to not even socialise in any way as technology has regenerated today's era to be anti social and play and be distracted with electronic devices, but it has become suitable to bring your pets along to to dine breakfast every day and instead of having juice, milk or normal water have an strength drink or perhaps protein shake.

Storyboard several – Way of Life

Storyboard three or more demonstrates the way of life today compared to the 1950s. In the 1950s when eating out or going out generally speaking you would spice up to the nines and dress to impress. Ladies as well respecting their selves would try to not disclose as much pores and skin and boobs compared to women today. Typically when going people eat and go out today they will just use shorts and a jumper, in strange and peculiar clothing and even in physical exercise clothes like tights and a working top after a quick period at the gym or quick walk.

Storyboard four – Key values pictured

Storyboard some shows the real key value of today, today in society...

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