Populace Growth and Food Creation Growth of Bangladesh

 Essay regarding Population Expansion and Foodstuff Production Regarding Bangladesh

1 . Advantages:

Bangladesh started to be a sovereign nation about 16 12 , 1971. The last unification of East and West Pakistan into one nation was portion of the partition of British India in 1947. Eventual polarization of procedures and positions between the two regions finished in trouble maintaining solidarity and led to separation. Bangladesh is the eighth largest country in the world in terms of population, yet occupies a very small land area protecting only 143, 999 sq . kilometers or 55, 598 square a long way. The country is located in the northeastern part of South Asia among 20° 34” and 26° 38” north latitude and 88° 01” and 92° 41” east longitude, enclosed by India in the west and north, India and Myanmar in the east and the These types of of Bengal in the southern region. Bangladesh is primarily an agrarian economic system. Agriculture may be the single greatest producing sector of economy since it includes about thirty percent of the country's GDP and employing around 60% of the total labour force. The performance of the sector has an overwhelming impact on major macroeconomic objectives like employment generation, poverty relief, human resources development and meals security. This kind of report is principally based on the people growth and food production growth of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is usually an overpopulated country. Following the independence of Bangladesh human population was not quite high. But now this goes in a significant level. The growth charge of inhabitants is now also remarkable. A lot of people in Bangladesh are living inside the rural areas and they are starving of education. Being unfounded they are certainly not concerned about populace growth, consequently growth price of inhabitants are increasing day by day. The of technology and advancement makes them plan to urban areas instead of rural areas. So the towns of Bangladesh like Dhaka, Chittagong will be being dense. At the time of self-reliance in 1971, the people of Bangladesh was seventy nine million. In 1951, the citizenry was 44 million; around 1962 the population was 55 , 000, 000. In 1981 it was 90 million, one hundred ten million in 1991, and at present at the end of year 2150, it is predicted to be 140 million. That may be, in 3 decades since freedom in inhabitants of Bangladesh increased by simply 50 mil. Population thickness at present uses 900 individuals per sq km, the greatest among the region states on the planet.

1 . 1Objective of the record:

The main target of the record is to associated with students find out about all farming and populace related matter about Bangladesh. The record enables college student to know about the present inhabitants growth and the relation between agricultural development and population growth. To arrange this survey students might need to use record software " SPSS”, one more objective with the report is that make pupils familiar to manage the software.

1 ) 2Limitation in the report:

Time provided to complete the report is very short. We did not obtain enough time to get ready this report properly. Although we, all the group users gave maximum effort to complete this report inside reasonable period. Because of period limitation generally there may is available some problems. We had to face a lot of difficulties to collect required data and info. Information is not enough for us in the related web page. We had to accomplish some field work to gather information. Peoples around all of us were not and so cooperative to help us. Despite having and so difficulties we all successfully finished the report. 1 . 3Methodology:

We collected data and information to arrange this survey from supplementary sources due to limitation and the area of population. Mainly we collected data from two sources: •Related website

•Related Journal and report

All of us used statistical software " SPSS” to investigate our collected data. All of us also staying helped by class lecture and research materials supplied from study course instructor.  

2 . Gardening Scenario of Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is mostly an agrarian economy. Farming is the sole largest...

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