Royal prince and Appear Isn

 Prince and Sound Isn Essay

AasEx. 16(77-78)

My spouse and i

When Ben woke up, the farmhouse was burning, completely started losing when the cover hit. non-e of the other military who were inside the farmhouse needed to be seen. These people were lucky to flee. In the misunderstandings they missed Tom who was sleeping on the kitchen flooring. As his leg was broken, it was a little while until him hours to get across the room for the window. This individual Passed

He was, didn't desire, got, pulled, could.

Observed, got.

Didn't remember

Found, had saved


Did you meet

Picked, insisted, got, have had, have came

Thought, would go

Got, saw, made a decision

Doesn't appear

Isn't, is definitely, is, go, is, have already been looking, hidden



Was, patiently lay, went out, were, sneaked, indexed, asked

Can be

am, was

is, have not met, i am

was, said, don't know, you are referring to

protested, took, met

grew, got, can be, don't know, remained


Was sitting, looked up, came, acquired

Wish, consider


Called, wasn't that?


Can be

Frowned, sat

Believe, told, have never read, came

May believe


Are you accusing

Are lying, know, said, was going, phoned, we hadn't worked out, was coming, appeared, was, came up, is, know, had been being

Ex. 17 (78-79)

1 ) Where do you go? – I attended the collection. I had did not remember my book there and went to have it. installment payments on your Where performed he go? – I do believe he attended the library. He will go there about Fridays. three or more. Have you existed for a long time in this city? – For 26 years. In which did you reside before? – In St . Petersburg 4. Hello. Can be found in, please. Plus waiting for you.

5. Exactly what are you doing? – I am undertaking my The english language homework. You do it on morning, don't you? Certainly, I always do my British after lunch break. 6. We have been going for half a dozen hours and that we are very exhausted.

7. Performed you find the real key, which you have lost yesterday? – Yes, I possess. Where did you find that? – It was in my pocket or purse all the time. almost eight. We have regarded each other up to two years.

9. All of us studied in school together and have been good friends for all lifestyle. 10. Everybody have already come. I know....

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