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Wendy Dudeck

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Dr . Lottie G. Olson-Davidson

In preparing to react to the plank complaint I might compile all the details and records pertaining to the case that confirmed I made a competent assessment of Janet's presenting symptoms. I would offer documentation to prove that informed her that we was a basic therapist having the ability to treat patients with a broad range of concerns, but would not specialize in anyone area. I would personally also make all written about instances of exploration conducted and sessions of consultation with supervisors to ensure I was rendering Janet with competent successful service. It appears evident by complaint that Janet did not feel that I had been competent to diagnosis and treat her problem. In the foreseeable future, there are a number of things I would do to stop the reoccurrence of this issue. The first actions I would decide to use ensure I actually am and remain a reliable counselor should be make sure My spouse and i actively preserve my abilities, continue to broaden my education into other locations and keep abreast of emerging tactics, technologies and evolving aspects of practice. Since noted simply by Dolgoff et. al pp 324 (2011), " We are called upon to devote the entire span of the careers to developing, maintaining, and improving our proficiency. ” I might also take care to ensure We conducted a quality assessment, assessed my own teaching and experience level and seek assessment prior to continue with a circumstance in which My spouse and i question my ability to provide competent support. If being a beginning counselor I would be to refer every clients who have presented with concerns I sensed were too difficult to address, I would not end up with many clients or gain the feeling I needed to remain a competent counselor. Lastly I would not drive the limits of my professional abilities by using on a consumer presenting with problems outside the realm...

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