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 Essay upon Certified Well being dissertation

How can stress influence university students?

Simply by Mbongo Dominic Welo

Health/sports Joint honours Degree

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School of Hertfordshire

School of Health and Sociable Work

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Name: Mbongo Dominic Welo

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Dated: 31/03/2014



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1 . two Background information 5

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1 . 1 Study question

How exactly does stress have an effect on university students?

1 . two Background information

Tension refers to if a person perceives that they are not able to cope properly with the needs being made with them or with threats with their well-being (Folkman and Lazarus, 1984). Long-term stress may be linked to depression and panic, which is the most frequent types of Mental health disorders (Halliwell, Main and Richardson, 2007). Stress is also linked to harmful drinking and drug wrong use (American psychological association, 2009).

1 ) 3 Search methods

Your research studies which were reviewed were collected through 5 distinct electronic sources. The databases that were utilized to obtain these types of research studies were Pubmed, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Overall health Database (CINAHL), Jstor, Internet of knowledge and Scopus. These databases were chosen mainly because they were either specialised in fields which were relevant to this issue being examined or they contained study articles that were relevant to the topic of stress, that has been the topic that is certainly reviewed from this literature assessment.

1 . 4...

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8. 0 Appendix 1-strategic search

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