Essay regarding Rainbow

Recently I read and enjoyed a poem called ‘Rainbow' simply by John Agard which was about his take on how this individual saw the rainbow. This individual used his imagination to look at the rainbow in many ways. The poem was very effective since the poet employed a lot of techniques just like colloquial terminology to invite us into his dialogue. He applied these ways to convey his ideas.

The metaphor " one big smile throughout the sky " is very effective mainly because in the poets eyes it looks like one big smile, but for the ordinary attention it is just 1 big red stripe. It looks like an endearing smile because it is a curve above with delighted bright colors through the range, which gleams up the skies and makes me personally feel completely happy. It makes me feel as if God is definitely using the rainbow to express him self showing how content he is. Ruben Agard helped me look at the range in a totally new way.

The use of vernacular was really interesting because John Agard's develop is full of wonderment. " God got style the man acquired style” He could be amazed at this because he would not suspect that Our god would make a thing more magnificent, looking at the rainbow everyone treasures the beauty of it. David Agard features such a vivid creativeness because he looks at the offers a at diverse views. The poet repeats this through the poem as they can't anxiety enough how much style this individual has.

John Agard uses colloquial language, just like " possibly de rainbow” when he says " de” he is welcoming us in his chat. He as well uses even more colloquial vocabulary " The almighty know wha he is doing” the relaxed word there is " wha”. I like this because it is like he is lecturing us about Gods amazing style. Steve Agard's friendly chatty design encouraged me personally to also look at a rainbow in several different ways.

John Agard cleverly uses the layout of lines to share the idea of indeterminatezza, to make it seem as if the word " limbo” is a limbo ballerina, and the term " is God doing” is the indeterminatezza stick. " I let you know

is Goodness doing


the man carrying out

limbo”. I found the...

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