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The Distant Media Concentration (RMI) product is the result of an exclusive blend of multiple cutting-edge media technologies to develop the ultimate digital media delivery platform. The primary goal should be to provide an impressive user experience of the highest quality. RMI encompasses almost all end-to-end factors from mass media acquisition, storage area, transmission approximately their last rendering. Particularly, the Yima streaming multimedia server gives multiple high bandwidth avenues, transmission mistake and flow control protocols ensure info integrity, and high-definition video combined with impressive audio present highest quality rendering. The RMI system is operational and has become successfully shown in minor and major venues. Depending upon the continued advancements in electronic devices integration and residential internet connection improvement, RMI demonstrates the ongoing future of on-demand home theatre.


The hire of the Bundled Media Systems Center (IMSC) at the School of Southern California (USC) is usually to investigate fresh methods and technologies that combine multiple modalities into highly effective, immersive technologies, applications and surroundings. One of the results of these analysis efforts is definitely the Remote Media Immersion (RMI) system. The purpose of the RMI is to make and develop a complete aural and visual environment that places a participant or perhaps group of participants in a virtual space wherever they can knowledge events that occurred in several physical locations. RMI technology can efficiently overcome the barriers of time and space to enable, about demand, the realistic excitement of visible and aural cues documented in broadly separated places. The focus in the RMI work is to allow the most realistic recreation of the event possible while internet streaming the data on the internet. Therefore , we push the technological restrictions much beyond what current video-on-demand or perhaps streaming multimedia systems can deliver. On those grounds, high-end object rendering equipment and significant transmitting bandwidth are essential. The RMI project works with several solutions that are a result of research efforts at IMSC. The current detailed version is based on four main components which have been responsible for the acquisition, storage space, transmission, and rendering of top quality media.


Acquisition of premium quality media channels

This authoring component is an important part of the total chain to guarantee the high quality with the rendering consequence as knowledgeable by users at a later time. While the saying " garbage in, garbage out” implies, no amount of quality control in later phases of the delivery chain could make up for terribly acquired multimedia.

Real-time digital safe-keeping and playback of multiple independent streams

Yima Scalable Loading Media Structures provides current storage, collection and indication capabilities. The Yima storage space is based on a scalable bunch design. Each cluster client is an off-the-shelf personal computer with fastened storage equipment and, for example , a Fast or perhaps Gigabit Ethernet connection. The Yima server software handles the safe-keeping and network resources to supply real-time service to the multiple clients which have been requesting media streams. Media types consist of, but are not limited to, MPEG-2 at NTSC and HD TV resolutions, multichannel audio (e. g., 12. 2 channel immersive audio), and MPEG-4.

Protocols pertaining to synchronized, efficient realtime indication of multiple media avenues

A selective data retransmission scheme boosts playback quality while maintaining realtime properties. A flow control component minimizes network targeted traffic variability and enables streams of various characteristics to be synchronized at the object rendering location. Market standard social networking protocols including Real-Time Process (RTP) and Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) provide compatibility with business systems.

Rendering of impressive audio and high resolution video

Immersive audio can be described as technique created at...

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