Rotten Apples in Your Existence

 Essay about Rotten Pears in Your Life

An apple a day keeps your doctor away!

Is still true today when ever cancer, diabetes, ADHD, cerebral vascular accidents and Supports can be found in many families?

The answer is No .

An apple a day, or, for that matter, consuming healthy, is definitely not enough to stop us coming from becoming sick and tired today.

We am not going to discuss the current nutritional value of food.

I will tell you about a subject that I locate very interesting which is;

The psychic roots in diseases or perhaps as I discover them – the ruined apples that cause sickness and disease.

Pastor Holly Wright, the medical doctor, feels that regarding 80% of most diseases have zero known medical cure. Illnesses in our bodies will be due to one or a combination of the next rotten pears: Fear, anxiousness, bitterness, covet & jealousy, lovelessness, sense of guilt, self pity, rejection and pride.

These bad feelings are the operate of Satan who initially seduced Event with a f. Yes, the Bible lets us know in Ephesians 6: ‘Our battle is not against flesh and blood yet against principalities and power and religious wickedness in high places. '

I am aware that what Pastor Wright and the Holy bible says is valid because I have already been healed by fibromyalgia. To get healed I needed to repent of, and turn away from, perfectionism and over ambitiousness.

Believe it or not, this kind of ‘gos-pill' really works. My mother was healed from epilepsy, after struggling with it pertaining to 34 years, when your woman repented before God that fear and anxiety had their claws in her life. Miracles still do happen.

Let us appear more tightly at some with the rotten apples that gradually poison us.

The first one is usually FEAR

We certainly have become accustomed to fear which it has become part of our walk and discuss. But it can be not what the Bible instructions us to complete. It says we must not fear and this to fear items, people or perhaps situations is sinful. If we fear we do not trust Our god.

Many conditions originate from dread, anxiety and stress.

Think about asthma,...

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