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Spratly Islands

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" Spratlys" redirects below. It is not to become confused withВ Paracel Islands. Spratly Islands

Disputed islands

Spratly Islands


Location| Southern China Ocean

Coordinates| 10В°NВ 114В°ECoordinates: В 10В°NВ 114В°E

Total islands| above 750

Significant islands| Taiping Island

Namyit Island

Northeast Cay

Trouble Cowe Area

Southwest Cay

Spratly Isle

Swallow Reef

Thitu Area

West York Island

Area| less than your five square kms (1. 9В sqВ mi)

Coastline| 926 kilometres (575В mi)

Highest point| onВ Southwest Cay

4 metre distances (13В ft)

Claimed by


EEZ| Brunei zone

Someones Republic of China

City| Sansha[1]


State| Sabah


Municipality| Kalayaan

Republic of China (Taiwan)

Municipality| Kaohsiung


Province| Khanh Hoa


Population| not any indigenous human population

Ethnic groups| various

Spratly Islands

China name

Traditional Chinese| еЌ—жІ™зѕ¤еі¶

Simplified Chinese| еЌ—жІ™зѕ¤еІ›


Vietnamese brand

Quб»‘c ngб»Ї| Quбє§n ДђбєЈo TrЖ°б»ќng Social fear

HГЎn tб»±| зѕ¤еі¶й•·жІ™

Malay name

Malay| Kepulauan Spratly

Filipino term

Tagalog| Kapuluan ng Kalayaan

TheВ Spratly IslandsВ are a group of more than 750В reefs,[2]В islets, В atolls, В caysВ andislandsВ in theВ South China Marine. TheВ archipelagoВ lies off of the coasts of theВ PhilippinesandВ MalaysiaВ (Sabah), regarding one third from the way following that to southernВ Vietnam. They consist of less than four square miles of terrain area over more than 425, 000 rectangular kilometers of sea. The Spratlys will be one of 3 archipelagos with the South Cina Sea which will comprise much more than 30, 500 islands and reefs and which complicate governance and economics in this region of Southeast Asia. Such small , and remote islands have small economic benefit in themselves, but are important in establishing foreign boundaries. There are no native islanders yet there are, for least at the moment, rich sportfishing grounds; and initial surveys indicate the hawaiian islands may consist of significant reserves of olive oil and natural gas. About 45 islands will be occupied by relatively small numbers of armed forces forces fromVietnam, theВ People's Republic of Chinese suppliers, theВ Republic of China (Taiwan), В MalaysiaВ and theВ Philippines. В BruneiВ has as well claimed anВ Exclusive Economic ZoneВ in the southeastern part of the Spratlys encompassing just one area of little islands over mean large water (on Louisa Reef). This has resulted in escalating tensions over theВ Islands' disputed status. ContentsВ В[hide]В * 1В Geographic and economic review * 2В Ecology * 2 . 1В Coral reefs * 2 . 2В Vegetation 2. 2 . 3В Wildlife * installment payments on your 4В Ecological problems * 3В History * three or more. 1В Early cartography * several. 2В Military issue and diplomatic dialogues 2. 3. 3В Telecommunications * 4В Gallery * 5В See also * 6В References 2. 7В Further studying * 8В External links| -------------------------------------------------

[edit]Geographic and economic guide

* Heads: В 10В°NВ 114В°E

2. Area (land based): less than 5В kmВІ -- includes 148 or so islets, В coral reefs, andseamounts. (sea surface): 410, 000 kmВІ of the central South China and tiawan Sea

2. Coastline: 926В km

2. Political sections: (in transliterated order of claimants) * Brunei: Element of Brunei'sВ Exclusive Financial Zone;[3] 2. People's Republic of China and tiawan: Part ofВ HainanВ province; * Malaysia: Part of the point out ofВ Sabah;

* Philippines: Portion ofВ PalawanВ province;

5. Republic of China (Taiwan): Part ofВ KaohsiungВ municipality; * Vietnam: Part ofВ KhГЎnh HГІa Region.

* Climate: tropical

* Terrain: smooth

* Height extremes:

2. lowest point: South Chinese suppliers Sea (0В m)

* top point: unnamed location onВ Southwest CayВ (4В m) * Natural risks: serious maritime hazards because of numerous banking institutions, reefs and shoals...

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