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1 Department of Sport, Mentoring and Physical exercise Science

2 Faculty of Health, Lifestyle and Social Sciences

Component Handbook

|Module Title | | | |Foundations of Sport and Exercise Scientific research – Electric motor Learning Follicle | |Course(s) |BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science | |Year |1 |30 credit items | |Module Title & Code |SES1012M – Summary of Psychomotor Behavior in Sport and Workout | |Module Team & Contact Details |Richard Keegan – [email protected] air conditioning unit. uk | | |Dr Caroline Wright – [email protected] ac. uk | | |Stephen Lynch – [email protected] ac. uk | |Module Synopsis |The module aims to examine, by using a information finalizing approach to sporting activities | | |performance, the guidelines of learning and doing a range of motor skills. In | | |addition, social internal variables will be studied in relation to the aide | | |and decrement in learning and gratification. | | | | | |The specific goals are to: | | |Examine the basic principles governing buy and performance of human movements | | |skills. | | |Discuss the application of these types of principles inside the context of coaching, educating and | | |learning environments. | | |Understand the processes and methods through which skills could be learned in sport. | | |Examine methods of gathering data in the motor learning and performance website. | | | | | |The module covers: | | | | | |Individual differences: Individual differences and motor capabilities, processing | | |information and producing; | | | | | |Skill acquisition: explanations, measurement; retention and transfer, stages of skill | | |acquisition, cognitive and motor creation. | | | | | |Coaching considerations: Conditions of practice, structuring the learning experience | |...

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