Numbers Chapter you and a couple of Review

 Essay about Stats Section 1 and 2 Review

AP Statistics initial Chapter 1 & two ReviewName:

1 ) What are both types of variables? Provide examples of every.

2 . How do you describe a distribution?

three or more. Floyd won 85, 92, 89 on his first 3 midterm exams. What does he need to score on his following exam in order to have an A (90%) average?

four. What is the IQR and just how do you believe it is?

5. What percent from the data with the IQR

6th. How do you check for outliers?

7. Regarding resistance, precisely what is the difference between your mean and median? Offer an example to show this big difference.

8. To analyze the balance of answers for 5000 true/false questions in its data bank, a standardized testing support assigned the value 1 to each question with answer true and 0 to each question with answer false. They then computed the mean as well as the median. a) The typical came out being 1 . Exactly what does this tell you about the number of the case or false questions?

b) The indicate came out to be 0. 7. What does this kind of tell you about the amount of true or false inquiries?

9. Discover the five-number summary for these sets of data and attract a boxplot. a) 2, 2, 5, 7, being unfaithful, 10, 11b) 3, 3, 4, 5, 7, almost eight, 13, 17

10. The figure to the right reveals a density curve. Use areas beneath this contour to find the proportion of findings within the next intervals:

a) 0 ( x ( 5

b) 6 ( x ( 9

c) 11 ( x ( 15

d) Approximately what is the 1st quartile?

eleven. Marry acquired a 28 on her biology test. Bill got a 408 on his statistics test out. The statistics test was about normally sent out with suggest 350 and a standard change of 25. The biology test was approximately normally distributed with mean twenty two and a regular deviation of two. 5. a) Who would better on their test? Rationalize your solution.

b) How much does Marry have to get on her biology test in the 87th percentile?

12. The distributions underneath are all usual with indicate 45 and standard deviation 15. Ingredients label the x-axis on the graphs...

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