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1Explain the scales of measurement in details, providing examples: Data has been grouped into four scales of measurement in order that it can be easily interpreted globally. The scale is chosen depending on the information the data is usually intending to stand for. The 4 scales of measurement of information are nominal, ordinal, period, and rate. Each performs a different, yet very important function in the world of figure a)Nominal range

Is the minimum in scales of way of measuring?

Is a method of grouping tendencies, where real numbers are simply labels or perhaps identifiers. -they do not place subjects in a particular order: no logical basis pertaining to the answers in every category

Case: - electronic. g. requesting 50 individuals in a space about their marriage statues



You cannot find any basis to state whether single has a higher level than the others or not b)Ordinal Scale

-In the scale, there is order in form of rank.

-There is No technique of knowing the size of differences in the info sets, just one is higher/greater than the additional. Example: Holding a research within a given area on the sociable economic category

NoLow profits earnersMiddle income earnersHigh income earners Different


In addition to we not know the dissimilarities, we can't say for sure the actual income of any individual.

c)Interval Scale

-Interval weighing scales Keep same rank as ordinal weighing machines but as well indicate dissimilarities between every single data point. -The period points between one changing and the following are the same elizabeth. g. 2, 4, 6, 8, 15 – the interval among in between is the same. -the interval among values is interpretable hence can calculate an average of a great interval varying - Proportions don't generate any impression,

-however what a rating of e. g. 2


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