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ANSWERS TO STA10003 Mid-Unit Test

Issue 1:

a. The Necessary protein Additive

b. Chicken layer thickness

c. The method utilized is Fresh, because the investigator manipulated the protein component intake. d. The research hypothesised is that the cover thickness with the chickens with protein preservative added to their feed, can be thicker compared to the regular fed chickens. electronic. All egg producers

farreneheit. p= 0. 555

g. The sample means does not differ substantially because the p value is definitely higher than zero. 05 h. The 95% interval signifies that the suggest shell density is among 0. 60mms to 1. 10mms more than necessary protein fed rooster eggs.


It was recommended that chickens fed necessary protein additive could produce ovum with heavier shells than regular given chickens. In a sample of 49 chicken, the average shell thickness to get regular provided chickens. ( mms, mms, ) was greater than the regular protein additive fed chickens (, mms, ). Yet , an independent selections t-test shows that this big difference in suggest shell significance is not really significant,, p =�. 555. The 95% self confidence interval implies that, typically, shell width is between. 60mms less and 1 ) 10mms more in the standard fed chickens than the hens fed healthy proteins additive. There may be insufficient data to claim that chickens fed protein additive produce fuller egg shells than standard fed birds.

Question a couple of:

a. The cost is not unusual, the price falls within the likely selection. It is within just 2 common deviations with the mean price. b. Z= (3200-3750)/250=(-550)/250= -2. 2

c. Both prices are extraordinarily high, though the z ratings show the Australian engagement ring priced at $4400 can be unusually greater than a ring priced at $4800 in america. z=(4400-3750)/250=(650/250)= 2 . 6 ($4400 AUD is 2 . 6th SD over a mean. Z=(4800-4500)/125=(300/125)=2. 4 ($4800 USD is definitely 2 . four SD over a mean.

Question 3:

a. Kwik Kofi home market coffee brewers

b. The highlighted section represents each of the samples of 40 of truck espresso pictures in which the amount is 30. 03%.


c. If you are not able to draw / move the arrow,  then use the spacebar to maneuver the! to the desired position

d. Yes, the test complies with all the sample syndication in number 1 mainly because it falls within just 2 regular deviations in the mean. elizabeth. Sample sizes of size 200 which has a mean of 29. ninety-seven would be quite common if the human population mean was 30ml. The sample is definitely consistent with a population in which the mean flavored coffee shot is definitely 30ml. farrenheit. Binomial check

Question four:

a. All adults

m. Yes, the sample assortment is biased. The patients selected were only from the attention and Headsets Hospital. c. The repeated measures design and style

d. Nutritional A consumption

e. Sufferer age and varied health supplement Vitamin A absorption, nevertheless this is controlled by simply randomly choice of patients. farreneheit. There is no confounding factors apparent in your description on this experiment. Simply visual acuity differs methodically over the two groups. g.


Query 5:

a. All Aussie Adults

m. The 95% confidence time period indicates that between 44% - 52% of Aussie adults consume at least 1 hamburger a week.

c. A investigator in the Aussie Health System hypothesised that the percentage of 51% of Americans consume multiple hamburger per week is an overestimation of Australian adults. In a randomly sample of 491 Aussie adults, 48% consumed several hamburger weekly. While this can be slightly below percentage of american citizens hamburger ingestion (51%), a binomial test shows that the is not really significant, n=491, p=. 122. The 95% confidence period indicates that between 44% and 52% of Aussie Adults ingest more that a person hamburger per week. There is insufficient evidence to suggest that the proportion of Aussie adults whom consume at least 1 hamburger every week is a great...

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