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Measuring logistics costs and performance

Logistics and the important thing 83 Logistics and shareholder value 88 Logistics cost analysis ninety five The concept of total cost analysis 96 Principles of strategies costing 99 Customer success analysis ciento tres Direct item profitability 109 Cost individuals and activity-based costing 111



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This chapter: Outlines the countless ways in which strategies management can easily impact on general return on investment and, ultimately, aktionar value. в—Џ

Explains the explanation behind total cost examination, a systematic logistics-oriented cost accounting system as well as the principal requirements for a powerful logistics being system. в—Џ

Emphasizes the importance of client profitability analysis based upon an understanding of the ‘cost-toserve'. ●

Presents the concept of direct product earnings and underlines the need to be familiar with customers' strategies costs. в—Џ

Highlights the requirement to identify the cost drivers in the logistics pipeline and to substitute traditional kinds of cost allowance with more suitable methods.


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he costs of rewarding customer require can be significant and yet, astonishingly, they are never fully comprehended by companies. One reason for this is that traditional accounting systems tend to be focused around understanding product costs rather than consumer costs. Even though logistics costs will vary by company and by industry, across the economy in general that total cost of strategies as a percentage of low domestic product is estimated to become close to twelve per cent in the US1 and other countries costs of similar magnitudes will be came across. However , logistics activity would not just generate cost, additionally, it generates revenue through the supply of availability – thus it is important to comprehend the profit impact of logistics and supply chain decisions. As well logistics activity requires assets in the form of set capital and working capital so there are economic issues to be considered when supply string strategies happen to be devised.

Strategies and the important thing

Today's thrashing business environment has developed an ever greater consciousness amongst managers of the economic dimension of decision making. ‘The bottom line' has become the power which, most likely erroneously, decides the way of the business. In some cases it has led to a limiting, and potentially harmful, focus on the short term. Therefore we find that investment in brands, in R& G and in capability may well be cut down if there is not any prospect of the immediate repayment. Just as effective an impact on decision making and supervision horizons is definitely cash flow. Good positive earnings has become as much a desired goal of management while profit. The 3rd financial aspect to decision making is useful resource utilization and specifically the application of fixed and working capital. The pressure generally in most organizations is always to improve the efficiency of capital – ‘to make the property sweat'. On this factor it is common to utilize the concept of return on investment (ROI). Return on investment may be the ratio involving the net earnings and the capital that was employed to generate that profit, thus: 83

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Profit ROI = –––––––––––––––– Capital applied This percentage can be additional expanded: Earnings Sales RETURN ON INVESTMENT = –––––– × –––––––––––––––– Sales Capital employed It can be seen that ROI is a product of two ratios: the first, profit/sales, staying commonly known as the perimeter and the second, sales/capital used, termed capital turnover or perhaps asset turn. Thus to get improvement about ROI one or other, or both, of the ratios must increase. Commonly many companies will focus their particular...

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