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CS66 Advanced Oracle

Spring 2002

Group 10

Task Overview

Developed by

Terence Kyle Reynolds

Karen Tsipurskaya

Illeana Grimm

Glen Chen


• The purpose of this kind of application was to develop physical RDMS as well as its visual portrayal for general Restaurant Management operations including fulfilling customers' orders and managing inventory.

• Tools used are Oracle 8i, SQL*Plus, PL/ SQL, Oracle Designer 2000 and Oracle Developer 2000.

• The project necessary well-organized team-work, squeezed within a strict time frame, which was effectively carried out by the group.

• Thanks the slower server which Oracle Custom made resided, we had a difficult time getting things work properly while working away at the project. They were various instances through which Oracle Designer suddenly started to be unresponsive, stopping us from completing various parts of the project. Thankfully, we were able to get around the slowness of the server by using alternative strategies or taking care of our task when there have been less persons in the computer system lab.


Strategy Document:

Business key entities that really must be kept information of in the database will be - cafe products and the categories,

- purchase instructions,

- staff records,

-- suppliers,

-- menu things and classes,

- meal orders and order particulars

- charges.

Top-level requirements:

The task is very efficient as far as solutions are concerned. It will probably be developed by a grouping of 4 college students, who will always be rewarded with nothing but a class grade to get the setup of an Oracle database worth thousands.

Political environment:

The Oracle CASE tools will probably be heavily abused by various other developers which expected to slow up the system response significally. There is security risk involved as a result of common public access to the application. Backups has to be created with virtually any change in the applying.

Work movement plan:

RMS Database must be designed and implemented inside the period via Feb nineteen, 2002 to June 15, 2002. Designers will meet up with weekly and one of the required sections of the project. The project must be well planned and noted throughout SDLC, and all customer requirements must be met. Software will be stored in repository. Display shots and documentation will probably be presented to a client by the deadline. The main element deliverables from the strategy stage are the process flow picture and the enterprise relationship picture. These two blueprints represent the processes and info in the program and will be accustomed to communicate with you ensure that the daily procedure of the restaurant is effectively modeled.

Strategy-level process moves:

The top level business operations that must be covered are:

- management of customer requests,

- managing of inventory,

- human resources management.


Rational and Physical Database Layouts, Process model, physical dining tables, table data and forms will be produced using Oracle Designer 2000 and Designer 2000 CIRCUMSTANCE tools.

Restaurant ERD will probably be implemented in Entity Relationship Diagrammer. This kind of logical style " map" will be converted into Server model diagram by making Database Transformer. All important constraints, activates, procedures and functions has to be set in Style Editor. This can be further modified and become SQL statements, which in turn, create real tables. Developers group will write DML SQL statements to populate the Oracle desks.

Business operations are mirrored in a Process Modeler. This kind of diagram will be transformed into Function Hierarchy Plan. Based on the last modules will probably be generated and converted into varieties. Forms layout can be examined and revised in Developer 2000.


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