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Master Thesis Proposal

Reviews of Secure MANET Course-plotting Protocols

in Malicious Environments

Tuan Anh Nguyen

College of Technology and Computer system Engineering

School of Houston – Clear Lake


Committee people:

Dr . Big t. Andrew Yang, Chair

Doctor Alfredo Perez-Davila

Ms. Wei Ding

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1 ) Introduction and background4

installment payments on your Problem Statement8

3. Details of the Suggested Investigation9

4. Materials and Methods of Research15

5. Summary19



The characteristics of self-organization, wi-fi medium, and the absence of fixed infrastructure generate Mobile Random NETwork (MANET) easy to set up, and thus appealing to users. However , the available and dynamic operational environment of MANET makes it very vulnerable to attacks such as denial of assistance attacks, radio–jamming attacks, impersonation attacks and fabrication problems. Another common type of attacks at MANET targets in the underlying routing protocols. Mainly because every network node within a MANET could be a router to get data indication, malicious nodes have in order to modify or perhaps discard course-plotting information or maybe to advertise fake routes so that they can attract end user data to undergo themselves. New routing protocols have been recommended to address the void of securing redirecting information. Yet , a protect routing process cannot on their own guarantee the safeguarded operation with the network atlanta divorce attorneys situation. The objectives from the thesis are two-fold: (a) To simulate various scenarios of problems at MANET; (b) To examine the performance and success of some secure redirecting protocols, like the Secure Ad-hoc On demand Distance Vector routing process (SAODV) [8] and ARIADNE [6], in these lab-created malicious scenarios. If time permits, I would really prefer to propose an ideal security solution to improve the performance of these safeguarded routing protocols.

Introduction and background

With this chapter, Let me briefly talk about the background information about MANET as well as its major redirecting protocols. 1 ) Overview of Portable Ad-hoc network

Mobile Ad-hoc network is known as a set of wifi devices called wireless nodes, which effectively connect and transfer details. Wireless nodes can be laptop or computer with wireless LAN credit card, laptops, Personal Digital Helper (PDA), or other types of wireless or mobile communication gadgets. Figure 1 . 1 demonstrates what MANET is. Generally, wireless nodes can be virtually any computing equipment that uses air as transmission method. |[pic] | |Figure 1 ) 1 Summary of Mobile Ad-hoc Network[1]

In MANET, a wireless node can be the way to obtain data transmitting, destination or intermediate client. When a wi-fi node performs the function of advanced node, it serves as a router that may receive and forward data packets to its neighbor closer to the destination client. Due to the mother nature of an ad-hoc network, wifi nodes keep moving rather than remaining still, the network topology changes every once in awhile. A client playing the role of a router could get out of the way between origin and vacation spot then the path is turned off, and route discovery method has to be restarted. Thus, the main goal of routing protocol in MANET is to find a right route efficiently. MANET provides various potential applications. A lot of typical for example emergency search-rescue operations, appointment events, meeting, and battlefield communication between moving automobiles or troops. With the capabilities to meet the new demand of mobile computation, the MANET has a very bright long term. 2 . Routing protocols in MANET

Routing protocols in ad hoc mobile phone wireless network can generally be...

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