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How to Establish a Strong Company Image

Kayh Stainwood

Bristol Community University

Integrated Marketing Communications

BAM 58

May 10th, 2012

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Many small companies tend not to succeed in developing brand consciousness. The reason for this is due to most smaller businesses believe they can spend a bit of money in marketing and open up their gates. Small corporations do not make the time needed to create a brand. In addition they believe that it won't do anything to get the company and its just some big corporate waste talk. Sadly for them, any kind of branding locally will have a poor impression on their company whether it is not located right.

Small corporations need to expand with the rest of the world. Too many become calm in their approach. I know lots of people who own businesses who no longer accept new business. Really…You no longer want to grow? This is certainly a disgrace. Then they speculate why they are selling their business in a given time. Also, even as we grow, and so does technology and advertising. Different technology is always inside your face. This can be very expensive to get in a organization. Therefore , businesses stay satisfied with what they may have. In regards to marketing, 29 years ago direct advertising was big. Today, it can be all about social websites. If you don't have the technology to maintain, your business is going to fail.

I know the owner of a business. She has held a day health spa for 17 years. To start with, it started off as a toe nail and sun tanning salon. Gradually, it included pedicures, after that facials, in that case massage. Today, they are an entire service spa that included as well botox, derma-fillers, skin securing and photography facials in addition to all the other solutions they started out doing. This really is a perfect example of a small business that has kept up...

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