Essay about Sustainability


Successful individuals and organisations do things better, smarter and more productively while reducing their particular everyday environmental impacts. To create a global perspective to your learning in 2012 all of us will concentrate on sustainable procedures in Norwegian and or Mongolia and compare the lasting practices in those countries to Australian practices.

Choose ONE (1) of the next topics and write A maximum of 2000 phrases EXCLUDING in text referencing, bibliography and appendices. PROJECTS to be written on A4 paper Arial 9 typeface and margins top/bottom installment payments on your 5cm and left/right installment payments on your 0cm 1 ) 5 line spacing. (NOTE: you will lose marks if you do not follow these kinds of instructions towards the cm! )

On average ONE PARTICULAR (1) 1 ) 5 collection spaced page is approximately 400 words and phrases so at most 6 internet pages of text excluding layouts, in-text referring to, bibliography and appendices. It will take considerable writing skill to include all salient points succinctly into simply 2000 words and phrases. The ability to compose clearly, succinctly, coherently can be described as craft – you will be anticipated to demonstrate your written abilities - please do not leave to last second.

Your Project Record must have 1 STAPLE in top left corner – no extravagant binding.



Identify a modern sustainable merchandise, process, assistance, program, task or motivation (PPSPPI) that exists in either Norway or Mongolia (that cannot be found in Australia) but can be adapted towards the Australian environment and set a submission for the appropriate body system or organisation recommending uptake of the PPSPPI. (note: your PPSPPI would not have to relate with the urban development environment – it is usually anything that is definitely innovative and sustainable).


W. Write a MATERIALS REVIEW contrasting a lasting and impressive urban expansion practice, getting practiced in either Norwegian OR Mongolia, to Aussie practice.

Underneath are some headings, questions and considerations that could be addressed in either your...

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