System of Education in India

 Essay regarding System of Education in India

The System of Education in India

The machine Of Education in India


The System of Education in India






The System of Education in India


Acknowledgement 1 ) Introduction 2 . History three or more. Structure of current Education system 3. 1 Primary Education 3. 2 Supplementary Education three or more. 2 . one particular Senior Secondary Education and Entrance to Colleges a few. 3 Higher Education in India 4. Customer survey and evaluation Bibliography 10 13 15 24 34 4 5


The System of Education in India ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

A task can be considered as an accomplishment only if the purpose is fulfilled. The accomplishment of your activity needs continuous unflinching effort, motivation and support from its coach. We would like to thank our instructor in-charge Prof. Meenakshi Raman and our instructor Dr . K. A. Geetha for featuring us while using opportunity of writing this report.

We might also like to thanks students of B. I. T. H. Pilani K. K. Birla Goa grounds for taking out time to support us inside the survey by giving honest answers and opinions. They have been instrumental in helping us formulate an idea of the matter.

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The System of Education in India

1 . Introduction

Historically, Indian education has been elitist. Traditional Indio education was tailored to the needs of the Brahmin males who were educated to read and write with a Brahmin instructor. Under the United kingdom rule from your 1700s right up until 1947, India‘s education plans reinforced the pre-existing elitist tendencies, trying entrance and advancement in government in order to academic education. Colonial secret contributed to legacy of an education system tailored for preserving the position of the even more privileged classes. Education offered as a ―gatekeeper‖ permitting a method of way up mobility just to those with recourses.

This survey is approved to program BITS F112 (Technical Record Writing). The information was collected by doing survey through questionnaires, meeting with parents and teachers online and consulting the internet. This kind of report lays emphasis on the full education system of India from time funeral service and the system is also compared to the foreign system of education.

This kind of report can be divided into primarily 3 parts. The 1st part clarifies about a history of Of india education considering that the times of GURUKUL education right up until the English education was adapted. The second portion of the report consists of the current framework of the education system followed in India this split is bass speaker modulated into primary, extra and degree explaining their job in culture and providing their advantages and problems. The third portion of the report includes the customer survey survey that includes the views of pupils, teachers, father and mother and industry people about the system of education in India the third portion is and then an analysis/gist of the review and giving the inference. The various info in the statement is maintained different charts and evaluation done (taken through sources as UGC reports). Hopes this fulfils the purpose.

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The System of Education in India

Great education system of India

A history of education in the Indian subcontinent commenced with educating of traditional elements such as Indian religions, Indian math concepts, Indian reasoning at early Hindu and Buddhist companies of learning such as Taxila (in contemporary Pakistan) and Nalanda (in India) ahead of the common time. Islamic education became ingrained with the establishment of the Islamic empires inside the Indian subcontinent in the Middle Age range while the arriving of the Europeans later bought western education to imperialiste India. Several measures carrying on throughout the early half of the 20th century in the end laid the building blocks of education in the Republic of...

Bibliography:   (Secondary education)   Survey prepared by ―Kartik Murlidharan‖ to ―New commission on skills for American workfare‖.  Report by UGC (University Grants Commission rate, New Delhi 2003)  (statistics )

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