Tea and Lipton Yellowish Label

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п»їIntroduction To Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited


Founded in 1897, Unilever provides provided remarkable products pertaining to millions of people around the world. Generation after generation of satisfied buyers have ongoing to maintain Unilever's reputation since an innovative company and marketer of family and health care items. Today it is a multibillion-dollar company whose goods are distributed in a hundred and forty countries throughout the world.


" Unilever's vision is usually to have usana products available inside an arm's reach of every person's desire. "

Objective Statement

" Our purpose in Unilevers is to meet the every day needs of individuals everywhere to anticipate the aspirations of our consumers and customers to reply creatively and competitively with branded products which enhance the quality of life. ”

Advertising Objective

Unilevers aims to socialize directly using its consumers. It is goals happen to be consumer fulfillment and making its customers feel that the money invested is worth the item. In comparison, this distinguishes its sales aim as reaching greater transmission in terms of sales volume and market share.

Unilever's quality in top quality, image and distribution, the founding stones of any kind of consumer products company, is the main reason behind their thundering achievement and leadership in the market. The organization has a very clear emphasis on quality and wants to provide the most effective products of the highest quality to its clients. It would like to grow constantly and not stay stagnant.

Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited

Lever Siblings is the greatest consumer goods company in Pakistan; this belongs to Unilever group of firms, which makes up one of the most significant transnational on the globe. Lever Friends Pakistan Ltd. was designed in Pakistan in 1948. The company markets almost 55 well known home brands, like Lipton, Search, Vim, Great, LifeBuoy, Lux etc . Which usually record approximately Rs. twenty billion in sales.

Mission Affirmation of Handle Brothers Pakistan Limited

Our company is a leading Client Product Business in Pakistan, a multiple national with deep roots in the country.

We attract and develop remarkably talented those who are excited, strengthened and devoted to deliver double-digit growth.

All of us serve the everyday requires of all consumers everywhere pertaining to foods, health and beauty through brand products and services that deliver the highest quality and benefit.

We try to remain an ever simple and enterprising organization.

We work with our superior consumer understanding to produce breakthrough discovery innovation in brands and channels.

Our brands catch hearts of shoppers through spectacular communication. Through managing a reactive supply string, we take full advantage of value by suppliers to customers.

Were exemplary inside our commitment to Business values, safety, wellness, environment and involvement in the neighborhood.

The objective then means attaining a top position in Pakistani marketplace, by manufacturing and promoting high quality customer products that benefit the customers. The aim will be a lean, responsive and flexible organization, working within a traditions of creativity and business. In addition , the primacy of the customer is a central benefit of the firm.

The marketing target is to increase profitability by simply increasing revenue. By maintaining top quality of products, the sales are improving and consumer require of Levers' products is usually increasing. Hence, profits and sales will be increasing annually. In this way, the company's image is not only maintained, nevertheless also increased very effectively over time.

Overview of the Beverage Industry

The trend inside the beverage industry of Pakistan of their market value share/growth is depicted inside the table provided below: Pak. Rs. Mn









Talk about








Tea (LBPL)

doze, 640

12, 365

21 years old. 5

14, 615


12, five-hundred

23. you

13, 385

24. 5

14, 305

25. 2

% Expansion




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