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Elizabeth Threats

Professor William Isaacson

The english language 102 MA1

4 May 2013

A Doll's Home

This play is based on a marriage among two people. A relationship created not on trust and equality although on lies and deceptiveness. The play brings to existence a female's role in society and the inequality between the sexes. The play features us to many shady personas. The first is Nora Helme the wife of Torvald Helmer. On the ouside she shows herself to be a loving wife, devoted mother and a carefree nature. Although this wounderful woman has been content material in being a sheltered, shielded and cared for housewife; Nora has never discovered to openly challenge her surroundings. Nora has a magic formula that the girl with hiding from her husband. This key will undoubtedly force Nora to confront her realities of the world and her marital life. A marriage based upon deception and lies. Mcdougal uses Nora's debt since the initial start of Helmer's deceptive marital relationship. Nora, unbeknown to her husband, borrows money by an acquaintance of theirs called Krogstad. Nora's deception is dependent on love rather than greed or selfishness. Nora feels this lady has to lie to her partner because of his unfair attitude and stereotypes about male or female roles. As a result of Nora's immaturity with organization matters, Krogstad shows Nora another misleading quality about the nature of the world. Nora provides prevented an emergency by finding a way to borrow the money to save her husband existence; but in doing this has busted the law. Nora has solid her father's signature to generate the loan with Krogstad. Though she is guilty of a crime, Nora takes pride about what she has carried out. For the first time Nora has independently acted onto her own. Nora's influence above her husband is limited. Krogstad uses his advantage more than Nora to blackmail her to put in her affect on Torvald on his part. Nora now begins to are up against realities of the world and her life since she now knows it. Next we now have Torvald Helmer who is Nora's husband. Conceited and self-centered,...

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