Essay regarding Tomato

Advantages of tomato

1 . Tomatoes will be heart-healthy

installment payments on your Tomatoes combat cancer

3. Help keep inner systems functioning well

four. Help shield skin, bones and eye


i. Help lower cholesterol

* Tomato has actually zero grams of cholesterol. While u understanding, a cup fresh tomato provides 9% the DV for dietary fiber * Tomato also great source of niacin or vitamin B3 which used to decrease high cholesterol level ii. Decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease

* Tomato is good source of potassium. Based on information, diets full of potassium reduced high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Tomato as well contains supplement B6 and folate that needed simply by body to convert a potentially risky chemical named homocysteine into benign elements. High numbers of homocysteine can harm blood boat walls and increase heart attack and heart stroke. iii. Tomatoes provide antioxidant protection from cellular damage * Tomato is a good source of antioxidant lycopene. Anti-oxidants travel through your body then neutralizing dangerous free of charge radicals which could damage cellular material and cellular membranes. Totally free radicals enhance the severity of artherosclerosis, diabetic complications, breathing difficulties and bowel cancer. Excessive intake of lycopene helps to lessen these health problems. TOMATOES FIGHT CANCER

i. Tomatoes shield the prostate

2. Antioxidant lycopene working together with additional phytonutrient substances in tomatoes. Eating tomato which contains antioxidant lycopens will help to reduce the risk of a large number of cancers especially prostate cancer (male). 2. Tomatoes are anti-inflamatory

* Excessive generation of free foncier within cells boosts an inflammatory mixture which refers to the long-term disease. High amount of antioxidants lycopene and beta-carotene will neutralize free radicals and help reduce inflammation. TOMATO VEGETABLES HELP KEEP INTERNAL SYSTEMS DOING WORK WELL

I actually. Tomatoes support regulate blood sugar

* Tomato plants are good method to obtain chromium which usually helps diabetics keep their very own...

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